6 Tips That Can Help You Stay Safe From Diabetes

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Diabetes is a chronic ailment that can affect your entire body negatively. It is not mere high blood sugar level. This can affect your eyes, kidneys, nerves, and skin to mention a few. Consequences might seem scary and if you want to start taking action from this moment here is where to start.

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The first step toward staying safe from diabetes is to understand your risk and review your lifestyle. You are at risk if you have diabetes in your family, if you are obese and if you age more than 40 years. This might seem like you have no control over things and one day or other this is fate. But this is not the scenario. You can prevent diabetes by making and sticking to lifestyle modifications. To know more about diabetes prevention you can consult an endocrinologist in Lahore.

Here we are mentioning some practical steps you can take to preclude the occurrence of diabetes.

Shed Some Pounds:

Losing weight and maintaining a healthy BMI is key to avoid many diseases. Diabetes is top of the list in this case. If you are obese and want to avoid getting diabetes then you lose all excess pounds. Visceral fat deposition is the main cause of insulin insensitivity that can forge ahead to types 2 diabetes.

Limit Processed Foods:

Do you know staying close to nature can help you to avert diabetes? If you want to stay free from diabetes eat foods that are in closest to their natural form. Eat fruits, vegetables and nuts but avoid overly processed foods. Buy your groceries and make food yourself. Stop depending on takeaways and fast food deliveries. To get yourself a tailored diet plan you can consult a professional nutritionist via Marham.pk

Quit Smoking:

If you smoke you are multiplying your risk of getting diabetes. Smokers are twice more likely to get affected compared to non-smokers. Stop smoking – your body and family will be thankful to you.

Get Moving:

Diabetes loves people who indulge in a sedentary lifestyle. If you want to ditch this disease be very active. Moderate intensity workouts on most days of the week are necessary. Exercise helps you in many ways. It improves insulin sensitivity which means your body can work efficiently with lesser insulin. This prevents an excess release of insulin and decreases the chances of developing this disease.


Burning more calories daily renders improvements in insulin function as well. Therefore choose activities that you like and can stick to for a long time. Even if your work needs you to be seated for hours still you have to incorporate activity in your day. You can do this by standing and moving around in the office frequently. Using stairs instead of the elevator. Taking half of the lunch break as exercise break etc.

Drink Water:

Make the water as your primary drink. Keep it available at your work desk, in the car and everywhere else. This will help you avoid drinks with questionable additives and sugar. Keeping diabetes away needs you to avoid all forms of sugary drink no matter they are natural or artificial.


Learn Portion Control:

You have to be very conscious while eating. Stop munching mindlessly. Know what and how much are you eating. Study about portion control. Learn how much of which food should be eaten at one time. Avoid eating large meals altogether. Go for 5 to 6 small meals a day. This approach will help you to decrease insulin, lower blood sugar level and avoid the progression of diabetes.

Besides these eat a high fiber diet, keep your vitamin D level optimum and get your sugar levels checked regularly to keep track of things.

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