7 Top Tips to Manage Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

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Premenstrual syndrome is a term coined to reflect all the symptoms women come across a few days ahead of their periods. For some lucky ones PMS is just nothing and for others, it turns out as a nightmare. It is estimated that 75% of menstruating women are affected by PMS. There is no exact cause behind this. Fluctuations in hormonal levels are thought to be the reason for these symptoms. Here we have rounded up some helpful tips and lifestyle modifications. Following these, you will not get rid of PMS but you sure will be better able to manage through this phase.

What Are The Symptoms of PMS?

Symptoms of PMS lead to discomfort and disruption of the daily routine for women. But these subside as soon as period gets over. Most common symptoms of PMS include:

    • Muscle cramps
    • Mood swings
    • Nausea
    • Head and body aches
    • Bloating
    • Fatigue
    • Dizziness
    • Breast tenderness
    • Anxiety and depression
    • Changes in sleep patterns etc

symptoms of PMS

Factors that Can Aggravate PMS Symptoms:

There are certain factors in everyday life that can lead to worsening of PMS symptoms. These are often enhanced by xenobiotics and endocrine disruptors compounds (EDCs). Many household and everyday items contain EDCs. Plastics, bromides, cleaning agents, pollution, parabens, antibiotics, and chemicals in foods and cosmetics may serve the purpose. Female hormones are more prone to be affected by EDCs. For the treatment of hormonal imbalance book an appointment with the best endocrinologist in Karachi using Marham.pk.

Besides EDCs certain dietary practices also add to discomfort in PMS. Excessive salt and sugar-laden foods, processed food items, transfats, and alcohol are major contributors. It is common for ladies with PMS to crave for sweets and chocolates. This is actually the body’s signal to enhance serotonin levels to feel better.

Tips For Managing PMS:

There is no set cure for PMS. But there are many home remedies, behavioral alterations and lifestyle changes that will help you get through this phase comfortably. Here we have summed up some of the top tips for women affected with PMS. Read on and let us know what are your tried and tested ways to get over these bothersome symptoms.

1-Believe In Super Powers Of Exercise:

The best thing you can do for yourself is setting up a consistent exercise routine. On one hand, it aids to keep you fit and on other, it wards off stress. Exercise improves overall blood circulation and makes PMS symptoms less likely. Indulging in physically demanding activities also aids to enhance the release of happy hormones. All this collectively improves your general health. For any sort of health problems, you can book an appointment or an online consultation with the best gynecologist in Islamabad or any other main city of Pakistan using Marham.pk.

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2-Watch What You Eat:

If PMS brings out your bloated and depressed side up, get ready to revise your diet plan. You will need to avoid simple carbohydrates, sugar, fat and excess salt. Fruits, vegetables and complex carbohydrates will be your new best friends.

Enhanced consumption of complex carbs helps to make you feel satisfied for longer. These also elevate the levels of happy hormone serotonin inside the body. You end up feeling better and less bloated. Nausea may also subside by following a healthy diet plan. Dieticians at Marham can help you set up a healthy diet plan tailored to your specific needs. Book your online appointment with the best nutritionist in Pakistan now.

3-Cut Back On Alcohol And Caffeine:

There seems a no better choice than an oversized cup of hot chocolate, coffee or tea when you are down with PMS. This can help you feel better but for a while only. In the long run, this leads to increased discomfort and aggravated PMS symptoms.

Alcohol also has similar effects. It can make your bloating worse by decreasing magnesium levels in the body.

4-Learn To Destress:

PMS can make you tense. You may feel anxious and depressed for none. Best way to avoid this is to incorporate meditation, yoga or other relaxation techniques into your daily routine. Half an hour of meditation in the morning will soothe sore muscles, relax your brain, and improves your overall health as well.

If you are stressed out and find no way to curb it let us help you. Visit Marham.pk and book yourself an appointment with the best psychologist in Karachi or any other main city of Pakistan. If you feel shy to visit in person you can go online or on-call consultation as well. Just make sure to reach out for help. I repeat do not suffer in silence.

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5-Some Supplements For Rescue:

Research unveils certain fatty acids such as omega-3 and linoleic acid can help to ease PMS complaints. These can counteract irritability, body ache and breast tenderness associated with PMS. One of my favorite supplement is Evening primrose oil. It is natural and has no side effects. It is good for the overall improvement of health and also counteracts certain PMS symptoms. Additional benefits include the betterment of the skin. Having it in your handbag comes handy whenever you are on the go and PMS hits uninvited.

Another common and helpful supplement is calcium. Obtaining it from the diet is necessary. Supplementing it when affected by PM eases discomfort and allied symptoms.

6-Foods That Can Help:

Adding foods like:

    • Banana
    • Sunflower seeds
    • Milk
    • Pumpkin seeds
    • Spinach
    • Broccoli

Cardamom and green leafy vegetables to your diet before and during periods ensures better reproductive health. Other symptoms associated with PMS such as bloating, nausea and moodiness also subside when you make healthy food choices.

7-Share Your Problems:

You are not alone in any health problem leave alone PMS. There are many others affected by similar situations. Speaking out about your troubles and sharing it with others is helpful. You come to know about how others are coping. New ways to manage certain symptoms that you can also try.

Besides having someone who can relate to your situation is always calming. You can share it in an online support group or with your gym buddies. You can get online support from Marham Facebook community as well. To book an appointment with the best gynecologist in Karachi or any other city you can visit Marham.pk right away.

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