7 Types of Learning Disability that Affect the Normal Pattern of Life

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Learning disability is an umbrella term used for the neurologically based various processing problems which interfere with learning basic skills such as reading, writing, and mathematics. This problem can also affect the higher skills like management, reasoning, analyzing, time planning, long or short term memory and concentration. If you are struggling with any kind of learning disability or other psychological issues do not suffer in silence and seek proper help. Now you can book an appointment online with the best psychologist in Karachi on Marham.

A problem with reading, writing and/or math are noticed in the early the school years so it is a general perception that learning disability is present only in school going kids. But unfortunately, it is present in adults too. More scaring is the truth that some individuals do not know about their misery until they are in post-secondary education in the workplace. Even some individuals with learning disability go through with life never knowing the reason for their difficulties with academics, job and relationship with friends and family.

A learning disability is a lifelong challenge and cannot be fixed. But no need to lose hope appropriate support and intervention can help the people with learning disabilities to achieve success in school, at work, in relationships, and in the community.

Types of Learning Disability:

As learning disability can affect the individuals of almost any age in various ways so it is important to know about this silent foe’s types to properly deal with them. To properly identify and treat this consultation with a psychiatrist is essential. Now you can find and consult the best psychiatrist in Lahore via Marham.

Auditory Processing Disorder:

The person with this learning disability is unable to differentiate sounds and words. He may also face the difficulty to know from where sounds are coming, to make sense of the order of sounds, or to block out competing for background noises.


This is the disability of numbers learning. The person suffering from this type of disability feel problem in understanding math, memorizing numbers and recognizing symbols. He is also unable to tell time or count the things.

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If your child is not improving his handwriting even after your all efforts that he is the victim of this learning inability. Major problems associated with this inability include;

  • Illegible handwriting
  • Inconsistent spacing
  • Poor spatial planning on paper
  • Poor spelling
  • Difficulty in composing and writing
  • Thinking and writing at the same time.


It is the disability of reading and related language-based skills which affect the individuals with different severity. Sometimes it is also termed as the language-based learning disability. It affects the normal pattern of;

  • Reading fluency
  • Decoding
  • Reading comprehension
  • Recall
  • Writing
  • Spelling
  • Speech

Language Processing Disorder:

The person suffering from this disability has a problem in giving specific meaning to sound groups that form words, sentences, and stories. It actually affects the interpretation of all sounds which the brain receives but totally failed to convert into the proper words.

Non-Verbal Learning Disabilities:

The person with this type of learning disability has trouble in an understanding of nonverbal cues such as facial expressions or body language. He may also be a victim of poor coordination.

Visual Perceptual/Visual Motor Deficit:

This learning disability interferes with the seeing and drawing abilities of the person. The affected person may feel difficulty in recognizing shapes or printed letters, losing place frequently, struggles with cutting, holding pencil too tightly, or poor eye/hand coordination.

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