7 Ways To Reduce Your Belly Fat

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It is hard to avoid a fat belly bulging out of the shirt and no matter how much one pulls the belly in, it always comes out. When it is summer, and it is hard to hide the body under the sweaters and coats. Then the best thing to do is to avoid self deception and work towards a flat stomach. Belly fat is the most stubborn part of the body, which takes a lot from a person, in terms of will and patience.

But, we have discussed a few easy ways to reduce belly fat below, which can be very helpful. But, if you have any medical condition, find a nutritionist before applying these solutions;

7 Ways To Reduce Your Belly Fat

Reduce Your Belly Fat

1. Calorie Counting

A calorie is a count which is used for measuring food nutrition and energy. There is a specific amount of energy required to the body, but if the calorie count increases, the body starts to store extra calorie in the form of fat. This fat is stored in the belly which cannot be ignored. The best way to reduce belly fat is to start counting calories. Do not decrease the calorie intake suddenly, slowly decrease the calories day by day.

2. Plank

reduce your body fat with plank

To have a flat stomach, the person needs to have a physical regime to follow. Plank is the best way to get a flat stomach; it requires consistency and discipline. While doing a plank, the individual has to lay on the ground facing towards the floor, then get on the elbows and toes, contract the abs inwards and contract the hips muscles tightly, and keep the back straight. Do this as long as one can and increase the time every day.

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3. Avoid Sugar

The best solution is to exclude sugar from the diet. Sugar has very high calories; mostly the sugary drinks have more calories than a body requires. The excess calories are stored as fat and increase the belly size. Refined sugar is the worst fattening agent for the human body; it has fructose in it which turns into fat.

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4. Increase Protein

Increase protein in the diet; it is necessary for muscle formation. Increasing protein in the diet helps in increasing the metabolism of the human body. The consumption rate of calories increases by adding protein in the diet. This increase in the metabolism rate enhances the rate of the capacity of the body to take more calories. Hence, a person can eat more and gain less fat.

Protein To Reduce Your Belly Fat

5. Cutting Carbs

Decreasing the carbohydrates in the diet can help in reducing the belly fat and achieve a flat stomach. Cutting carbs in the diet can help a person lose weight quickly, these carbs include trans fat, oil, refined sugar and much more. Avoid these types of food and eat fish and other protein-rich food.

Carbs To Reduce Your Belly Fat

6. Increase Fiber

Increase fiber in the diet to lose the belly fat, fiber passes slowly through the stomach, which keeps the stomach full and the person avoids overeating. Fiber food is beans, peas, broccoli, and other green vegetables. This fiber rich food naturally helps a person to eat less and lose the belly.

Fiber To Reduce Your Belly Fat


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7. Decrease Stress

One of the most important reasons for belly fat is stress. In stress, a stress hormone is formed called Cortisol, which provokes a person to eat while in stress. The person eats more than the regular routine and consumes extra calories, which is the sole reason of gaining belly fat.

Stress To Reduce Your Belly Fat

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