70% COVID19 Patients Recovered In Pakistan!

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Health experts mention that this immediate fall in the number of cases could be the result of low testing.

Situations like pandemics do not only bring diseases but a lot more with it. Misleading information, inability to manage the situation, and the blame game is a part of it all. To be honest, no one knows what the actual situation is. Instead, we can only wait and listen to what we’re informed about. Similarly, the news surfacing that Pakistan has decreased the COVID19 test capacity has no evident background. On the other hand, we have no source to deny the fact. Apart from the daily reported cases and the infection rate, we have been hearing about the recovery rate which is undeniable.

The Current Status

According to the latest reports and the updates from the last 24 hours, there are only 1332 recorded which is the lowest since May. Considering the new cases, the total number of infections reached 267,428, with 1436 of them are in critical condition, the data showed.

If talking about the deaths, 38 of the COVID19 patients have lost their battle against COVID19 across the country in the last 24 hours. Not only the daily reported cases, also the death rate that has been reported is declining for a few days. Including the deaths in the past 24 hours, the death toll reported is 5,677.

Considering the stats, we can say that nearly 70% of the COVID19 patients in Pakistan have successfully recovered. Making it to, 210,468 by far. Not bad, isn’t it?

Are We Testing Low?

Talking about the daily reported cases, the health experts have cautioned that a sharp fall that we are experiencing in the number of Covid-19 can be the result of the limited amount of tests.

Apart from the testing, another strategy that we are using to control the spread of COVID19 is the smart lockdown. Smart lockdown is being followed in the hotspot areas all across the country.

“The government has been able to contain the Covid-19 pandemic through timely decisions, smart lockdown strategy, SOPs implementation and Trace, Test and Quarantine (TTQ) strategy” Dr Mirza said

The official stats say, over 1.7 million coronavirus tests have been conducted so far.

We Still Need To Be Safe To Survive This Pandemic

All of you reading this are certainly blessed because we’ve survived this pandemic so far. The only thing that has helped us survive this far is the precautionary measures and all that social distancing that we’ve been hearing about for months.

Though we’re reading about the decreased infection rate but, we are still in any case prone to this disease and will have to survive with these measures for another few months. To follow the protocols, the first thing we need to be careful about is to not visit hospitals. Hospitals have been the pit of COVID19 infection and anyone stepping in there is very much exposed to it. To avoid that situation, use telemedicine. Talk to your doctor through video consultation by using Marham’s mobile app.

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Stay Home Stay Safe!

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