8 Best Dentists In Lahore

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A Toothache is not a just common disease one can suffer regarding dental health. Your teeth need a weekly or monthly checkup for sure. Do want to find out why you need to get check your teeth more frequently? There are many reasons for this but majorly our teeth need special care because it has to process all the food in our body.
Teeth are the source through which we intake food then why they shouldn’t get proper care and hygiene. Finding the best doctor regarding dental health and care is quite difficult because there is a number of quacks sitting out there to loot you. Here is an account of best Dentists that can benefit you in Pakistan.

1. Dr. Omer Farooq Ahmed

He is a highly qualified dental doctor and currently serving at Dental Art Lahore. Dr. Omer Farooq Ahmed has specialized in Dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, fixed braces, painless tooth extraction and fixed denture. He believes in hygienic dental care.

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2. Prof. Dr. Asif Ali Shah

Prof. Dr. Asif Ali Shah is a well- experienced and one of the highly qualified Dentists. He is currently practicing in Rashid Latif Hospital and Cavalry Hospital in Lahore. He is specialized in zirconia crowns, rotary rct, root canal, scaling and polishing.

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3. Dr. M. Sharukh Lodhi

Dr. M. Sharukh Lodhi is a highly qualified dentist. Implantologist, Orthodontist, and have 6 years of experience in his field. Currently, he is working as a dentist at My dentist Johar town Lahore. His major specialties include Root canal treatment, cleaning, whitening, gums treatment, metal braces and dental implants.

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4. Dr. Asifa Iqbal

Dr. Asifa Iqbal is a highly qualified dentist and practicing at Iqbal Clinic. She is very well-experienced in her field and serving best with her specialties like laminates, braces, bleaching, dental implants, and jewel teeth and scaling.

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5. Dr. Zahra Masood

She is a highly qualified and well-experienced dentist. Dr. Zahra Masood is currently practicing at Dental Art Lahore. She is specialized in root canal, bleaching, ceramic braces, artificial teeth, and rotary rct.

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6. Dr. Bilal Habib

He is a highly qualified dentist and practice and Union Hospital Lahore. Dr. Bilal Habib has done tremendous work in his field and serving thousands of patients. His specialties include Root canal treatment, teeth whitening, teeth replacement, orthognathic surgery, and aesthetic crown.

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7. Dr. Imran Zia

Dr. Imran Zia is a well-experienced dentist and implantologist. He is currently working in Mid City and Imran Dental Clinic Lahore. He is specialized in scaling, bleaching, braces, ceramic braces, and dental implant. He believes in hygienic yet quality treatment.

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8. Dr. Muhammad Mozzam

Dr. Muhammad Mozzam is one of the qualified dentist and currently practicing at Chatha Dental Associates. He is specialized in a root canal, rotary RCT, metal braces, teeth whitening, smile design, jewel teeth and scaling.

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