8 Factors That Can Lead To Eardrum Rupture

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Ears are the source of hearing for us and if eardrum gets damaged we will face difficulty in hearing or might even lose our hearing completely. Eardrum rupture is basically a tear or a hole in the tissue which is located inside our ear canal when it gets ruptured or broken will make our ears open to various infections. When you rupture your eardrum it will minimum take few weeks in healing and you will require medical treatment but in some extreme cases, you will have surgery as well. You will need to book an appointment with an ENT specialist in Lahore, Karachi or any other main city of Pakistan you belong from. Marham can help you booking an appointment online without the hassle to visit the doctor only for an appointment.

Signs and Symptoms:

There can be various signs of a ruptured eardrum few of them are listed below:

  1. Extreme sharp pain in an ear that goes away quickly.
  2. Discharge of pus or blood from your ear.
  3. Loss of hearing.
  4. Strange ringing or sounds in your ear.
  5. Whirling sensations in the ear.
  6. You may feel vomiting.

Reasons for Eardrum Rupture:

You might wonder about the reasons why eardrum ruptures:

Reasons for Eardrum Rupture


It can be a result of some infection. When your ear has infected some fluids collected behind the eardrum and from their pressure, it can break or get damaged.

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Might be you are involved in some activity which results in pressure on the eardrum causing it to rupture. These activate may include airborne, extreme sports, and shocks to the ear.


Injury to the eardrum can easily rupture it, or injury or trauma to the head can also result in damaging your eardrum.

Some more causes:

  1. Hitting hard your ear.
  2. Playing dangerous sports.
  3. Falling on the ear.
  4. Fatal accidents.
  5. Inserting cotton swabs or pens and pins in your ear.

ear infection


  • For the treatment, you need to immediately call your doctor if you see blood coming out of your ear.
  • Do visit your doctor for regular checkups if you feel any discomfort in hearing.
  • Early treatment is better than more loss.
  • Your doctor will determine the extent of damage and treat you accordingly.
  • Don’t try to use home remedies without your doctor’s consent.

Your ears play a major part in communication, any damage to hearing can affect your entire life. So, take every due care and never delay your annual ENT check up.

Few Most Popular ENT Specialists:

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