8 Foods that Help You to Pack on the Muscles

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Nowadays nobody likes to be referred to as ‘the skinny guy’. Especially men dream of a healthy body mass and most of them want to convert the body mass into muscles. And people think that bulking up is a difficult challenge. But it’s not such a complicated task. With the right training pattern and an appropriate balance of calories and nutrients, the aim of building muscle can be achieved. The right choice of food is essential in the process of getting muscular and stronger. A personalized diet plan by a qualified nutritionist can really work wonders as it is tailored to your specific needs and body requirements. Marham is here to help you find and consult the best nutritionist/dietician in Islamabad. Nature blessed the humans with a dozen of such foods which boost the muscle growth and strength 8 out of those are listed here.


Beef from grass-fed cattle is the top muscle building food for centuries. It maintained its top position due to its high protein content, adequate zinc, and iron percentage and high levels of vitamin B and linoleic acid. All these ingredients are secret little bullets for muscle build up.


Eggs are a spotlight item of diet for guys trying to get stronger. Enough amounts of healthy proteins, omega 3 fatty acids, and cholesterol work out tremendously to increase muscle strength. The cholesterol of egg yolk boost up the natural steroid levels and leucine amino acid is just as gasoline for muscle strengthening fire.

Brown Rice:

Who said that muscle build up is only the game of nonvegetarians? Brown rice is the best muscle gaining food for the vegetarian community. They are enriched with protein and their special branched chain amino acids encouraged muscle building. Recent studies proved that brown rice enhances the level of growth hormone, the muscle gaining buddy.


It is another vegetarian weapon to boost up muscle thickening. The special amino acid of spinach named glutamine is magical for muscle growth and strength.

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The tiny nuts are real energy bomb for struggling community of muscle build up. Nuts have the perfect blend of protein, fibers and healthy fats which make these little bullets ideal food for muscle growth and strength. In addition to their nutrient benefit, they are easily portable which make them the perfect snack of the day.

Cottage Cheese:

The high protein diet, cottage cheese work better than any other protein diet due to its special protein named casein. Casein raises the amino acid level slowly and keeps them elevated for the longer duration of time to build the stronger muscles. Cottage cheese also provides the live culture of friendly bacteria which immediately absorb and digest healthy nutrients to develop stronger and bigger muscles.


This simple and cheap fruit is great for muscle pack up. The perfect blend of vitamin C and antioxidant make these natural gifts best for not only muscle growth but also for muscle strength and endurance. Especially if oranges intake before a workout they provide a heap of energy.


Fresh red colored apples are a divine source of carbohydrate and proteins. The special content of this fruit named polyphenol is nature’s gift for dreamers of muscle building. This polyphenol not only enhances muscle growth but also prevent muscle fatigue. This additional helping benefit will increase the hard training duration.

Things to Do

With the addition of these foods in your diet also follow tips mentioned below for faster results;

  • Always eat a high protein diet immediately after work out.
  • Follow an exercise pattern devised by a fitness trainer for you.
  • Always stretch after exercise.
  • Do warm up before exercise.
  • Stay hydrated.

Following a good diet and exercise plan will ensure you gain muscle mass and strength.

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