8 Helpful Strategies to Treat Sprained Ankle

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People may face sprained ankle at some point in life. If you feel your ankle is getting swollen and you feeling extreme pain when you move it than it was sprained. The ankle has ligaments which when torn pains a lot. Ankle sprains are common but an injury is not always minor it can result in joint pains and weakness. Always seek proper treatment if you face any pain in movement.

Common Causes of Sprained Ankle:

These can be;

  1. When you suddenly shift your foot this is common when you play football.
  2. Sometimes your ankle rolls out and your foot turns inward this movement causes ligaments to tear.

Symptoms You Feel:

When you injured your ankle you will immediately feel pain. It will start swelling and the bruise will appear and difficulty in moving you could hear a snap too. The more severe it is the more pain you will feel and it will take longer to heal.

Pain can be from mild to severe depending on the injury if your damage is minor then ankle would be stiff and swollen you can walk with mild pain but if the condition is serious you will see bruises and tenderness and a lot of pain while walking, sometimes totally unable to walk.

Treatment to Get Back On Feet:

Following strategies may help:

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  1. Crutches are recommended if there is difficulty in movement.
  2. For the swelling put an ice pack on the area for good 10 to 20 minutes after every few hour.
    ankle-sprain treatment
  3. There is elastic compression wraps available these decrease swelling.
  4. Braces can also be worn for protection if it is necessary for you to move.
  5. If you are feeling numbness in ankle lose the bandage.
  6. When you keep your ankle raised above the level of heart it reduces swelling and bruising.
  7. Consult your doctor for painkiller prescription. You can find the best general physician in Karachi, Lahore or other main cities of Pakistan via Marham.pk.
  8. Don’t force your foot into the shoes for few days.

Your doctor will give you medication and tell you about rehabilitation exercises. He will make a physical examination and decide whether you need surgery or not but surgery is only done when a bone is broken. 

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