9 Early Signs of Cancer

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Cancer is uncontrolled and abnormal division pattern of cells. These cells then start proliferating other parts of body and may form tumors, some of these are benign tumors others are malignant. Malignant tumors are called cancer. Cancerous cells affect the body in a number of ways and because these cells are not under regular check and control of body their proliferation starts a number of signs and symptoms in healthy individuals. Here are some early signs and symptoms that a person may experience in the early stages of cancer. Early diagnosis of cancer is crucial to cure of this disease.

Marks and Spots on Skin

While we tend to have a variety of marks on our body that are nothing to worry about, we should closely watch any spot or mark that changes shape, color and size. Also, any spot that appears different from already existing marks should also be reported to the doctor straight away. Unusual pigmentation and abnormal change in color of skin can also mark a skin cancer. Consult your doctor, he will examine your condition and may take a small piece of your skin (biopsy) to have a closer look at cancer cells.

Nagging Cough

Cough is nothing to worry especially when you are a non-smoker. It may be due to postnasal drip, flu symptoms, asthma, acid reflux or any infection. But if you smoke and you are coughing persistently, have blood in sputum…see your doctor. He will examine your vitals and may send a sample of mucus from your lungs to the laboratory. He will also perform a chest x-ray to rule out lung cancer.

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Breast Changes

Not every breast change is a sign of cancer. But you have to observe all of these changes carefully and if there is any lump, nipple changes or discharge, redness, swelling, and pain inform your doctor at earliest. The doctor will examine all these changes and if there would be anything that requires further investigation he may suggest a mammogram, MRI or a biopsy.


Bloating may be due to wrong dietary practices, stress and other factors but if you are consistently bloated along with fatigue, weight loss and back pain it might be indicative of ovarian cancer. The physician will recommend a pelvic exam to clarify any doubts.

Problems When You Pee

Men may experience various urinary issues as they age including weakness of bladder, weak stream and leaks. Usually, these are due to enlarged prostate but these might also be pointing towards prostate cancer. Consult your doctor if you are experiencing any such problem. The doctor will examine your condition and might also suggest a special test called PSA.

Swollen Lymph Nodes

Lymph nodes are these small bead-shaped glands in your armpits, neck and other parts of the body. When these are swollen it generally indicates the body is fighting an infection but some cancers like leukemia and lymphoma can also cause this kind of swelling. Consult your doctor to rule out any such doubt.

Blood When You Use The Bathroom

If you see blood in your stool or urine talk to your doctor. It might be due to hemorrhoids or a urinary tract infection but on the other side, it might also indicate colon cancer, kidney or bladder cancer. Consulting your doctor is better than worrying in distress.

Trouble Getting Things Down the Throat

Difficult swallowing may result from common cold, acid reflux or due to a side effect of some medicines. If it does not improve with time and treatment it may be signaling some bigger problem like throat or esophagus cancer. Upon consulting doctor, you will be examined and may undergo a test called Barium X-ray in which you swallow a chalky fluid which helps in better visualization of the interior of your throat.

Mouth Issues

Bad breath and canker sores are common mouth problems. But if you have white and red sores and patches that don’t heal after a couple of weeks, a lump in your cheek and pain in jaw upon opening mouth these are signs of oral cancer.

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