9 Frequently Asked Questions about Hip Replacement Surgery

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Modern scientific technology shows its miracles with every sunrise to serve the humanity. One big step of this is the replacement surgeries which aimed to replace the defective structure of the human body with the new one. Many organs and almost all joints can be replaced by this surgical approach. The hip joint is also replaced by replacement surgery techniques and this article is specially written to cover its major aspects.

There are certain setups in Pakistan that are carrying out these specialized procedures successfully. Among these Masood Hospital, Lahore is one of the prominent names with 25 years of expertise in this field. It is important to draw your attention to this aspect as the choice of hospital is crucial to the success of any surgery.

How does it Work?

Hip replacement surgery is done to get rid of the painful hip joint. By this surgical procedure, the painful or defective joint is removed and a new artificially prepared joint is implanted and ligated with special materials. The whole procedure can be done by traditional surgical approach or by the minimally invasive approach. Whatever the technique is used the result is the successful implant of the new hip joint. It can be used to replace the total hip joint or hemi replacement can also be done.

How it can be Done?

This surgery can be done by different techniques like:

  • Posterior approach
  • Lateral approach
  • Antero-lateral approach
  • Anterior approach
  • Minimally invasive approach

Who Can Benefit from this Surgery?

Of course, every surgery is not designed for everyone and not recommended just as the cure for acute pain. It is the medical professionals and their team who can evaluate if the surgery is required or not. Masood Hospital, Lahore has not only the best surgeons but also a competent team to assist you throughout this journey. Following indications may make you a good candidate for hip replacement surgery.

  • Joint failure due to osteoarthritis rheumatoid arthritis, avascular necrosis, traumatic arthritis or protrusion acetabuli.
  • A bone fracture which cannot be managed by traditional methods.
  • Benign or malignant hip tumor.
  • No hope to recovery by traditional medicines and physical therapy.

Why is it Needed?

Many people are scared of the surgery and avoid going through it. The fear is the basic instinct of the human psychology but it should be controlled for better living. The timely hip replacement surgery will allow you to live a healthy independent life, easy movements and will prevent other joints to get affected.

Is it a Safe Surgical Approach?

It is performed from the years and surgical techniques are improved with each day. Now it is among the most commonly performed surgeries for joint replacement and done with quite a satisfactory success rate. An experienced surgeon, optimum postoperative care and taking precautions and medications as prescribed will increase the success rate and result in quick recovery.

Advantages of Hip Replacement Surgery:

Hip replacement surgery offers following benefits:

  • Biggest advantage is pain relief
  • Freedom of movement
  • Improved quality of life
  • Better range of movement
  • Some people can take part in sports as well

Are there Any Side Effects?

Indeed it is quite safe and worked amazingly in many cases but still, it has associated side effects which may include;

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  • Vein thrombosis
  • Dislocation
  • Implanted joint fracture
  • Inequality of leg length

These can be easily avoided.

How to Avoid Associated Side Effects?

The good surgical approach should not be avoided only due to associated risk factors. By following preventive measures you can avoid the side effects to take full advantage of the hip replacement therapy.

  • Use prescribed medication and go through by advised physical therapy.
  • Avoid climbing stairs.
  • Avoid pivoting or twisting your back
  • Use firm and straight-back chair to sit.
  • Use an elevated toilet seat.

How Much Time Will the New Implant Survive?

The new implanted hip normally worked best till 20 years but the best care and managing techniques can help them to survive even longer.

Joint replacement surgeries are a ray of hope for people living a limited life because of pain and immobility. Opting for these means entering into life which is healthy and free from joint aches.

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