9 Healing Powers of Yakhni (Bone Broth)

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Often children fake stomach aches. They use it as an excuse to skip school. Kids are pretty happy about spending their days playing. It was different in my case. Do you know the worst part about being sick as a child? Do you know what my worst fear was whenever I got flu or cold? That my mom knew I was not feeling well. Want to know the reason behind it? “I’m going to make yakhni for you. You have to drink it!” Every taste bud in my tongue disliked yakhni with a passion. I felt like throwing up every time I drank a sip of it. I learned about its benefits when I grew up with science. This article will explore 9 healing powers of yakhni (bone broth). It will motivate young mothers to give it to their children, and maybe some other rebel teenagers to drink it too.

What is Yakhni?

Bone broth in Urdu is Yakhni. There is chicken yakhni and beef yakhni. Beef yakhni is better known for its medicinal benefits. On the other hand, chicken yakhni is famous for its use as a foundation in other delicious foods.

Broth, Stock and Yakhni- Wait, what?

This must come as a shock, but broth, stock and yakhni are different. Don’t worry, I thought they are the same too. Time to enlighten ourselves!

Broth: Broth is made from meat. It is simmered for only a short while.

Stock: Stock is made from meaty joints and bones. They are left to simmer for less than an hour. It is usually used as a foundation in other foods. For example chicken corn soup, chicken pulao.

Yakhni (Bone Broth): Yakhni is made by simmering bones with a bit of meat for a long time, often 8-24 hours or even longer. It depends on how thick you want it.

Yakhni is very famous remedy among mothers, naanis and daadis. Yakhni has a lot of nutrients. It has many carbohydrates, proteins, amino acids and other useful compounds. It is a restorative tonic.

9 Healing Powers of Yakhni

  • Yakhni improves gut health.

Yakhni is proven to be a cure for leaky gut. A leaky gut is a condition in which the harmful bacteria and toxins from the gut can leak through the gut lining. This leads to several health complications. It also causes bloating and fatigue. Yakhni has many important nutrients that prevent a leaky gut. Yakhni has essential nutrients that are responsible for a healthy gut lining. It stops bacteria from moving to anywhere else in the body.

  • Yakhni strengthens joints and bones.

There are a lot of minerals, calcium, phosphorous and magnesium, in Yakhni. High mineral density in yakhni strengthens bones and joints. Yakhni has proline amino acid. Proline is well-known for its role in bone formation and strength. Yakhni has collagen and glucosamine as well. Yakhni improves joint flexibility. It restores cartilage and helps in eliminating chronic joint pain. Many patients of osteoarthritis have admitted that yakhni improved their joint pain.

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  • Yakhni leads to better teeth, skin, hair and nails.

What you eat counts more than what you apply to your face for healthy skin. Collagen in yakhni supports hair growth. Yakhni has components that are anti-aging. They also boost cell rejuvenation. Yakhni is a powerful tonic to restore the youthful glow on your face. As mentioned by HTV that yakhni is the cheapest way to get the best nails and hair.

  • Yakhni helps in better absorption of nutrients.

As mentioned above, yakhni has a role in a healthy gut lining. A healthy gut lining means that your body is able to absorb more nutrients efficiently. You make the best of the food you eat in this way.

  • Yakhni improves immunity.

Yakhni is famous for its ability to improve immunity. This broth is mostly cooked in houses during winters. The reason behind this is that colds and flu are more common in winters. Yakhni improves the body’s immune system leading to a better defence against diseases and bacteria. The nutrients in yakhni reduce bodily inflammation as well. The gelatin in yakhni is an important player in strong immunity.

  • Yakhni detoxifies the body.

Bone broth is an excellent detox for the liver and digestive system. Yakhni has glutathione, an antioxidant. It protects cells from damage by free radicals in the body. There are amino acids in the body that boost metabolism. Some people also claim that they used yakhni for reducing cellulite.

  • Yakhni provides energy.

Yakhni has many proteins that assist in converting glucose to energy. The body uses this energy in other processes. They also support growth hormone production. Yakhni rehydrates the body with plenty of electrolytes in it. It has carbohydrates too. These carbohydrates provide energy.

  • Yakhni is good for the brain.

Yakhni has strong amino acids that support neurotransmission. It improves mood and increases mental clarity. It is soothing and promotes sleep.

  • Yakhni is cheaper and healthier.

There is bone broth available in supermarkets. However, it is incredibly healthier and better when you make it at home. It is also cheap. The reason is that yakhni has a lot of vitamins and supplements. You will not need to buy them separately.

I am pretty sure you are in awe of yakhni and its powers too. Yakhni may taste weird, but it definitely is useful.


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