9 Hot Tips for Maintaining Hair Health

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Your hair is the culminating glory of your looks, both rigorously and pictorially. Long, shiny, and healthy curls are every girl’s dream, but most of us end up abhor our dull and lifeless hair. Attributable to our frantic, modern lifestyle, which involves everyday hassle and pollution, long hair can be difficult to enact.

Maintaining long and burnished hair is not a day’s task. It demands a proper and dedicated hair care regimen that is easy to follow. If you are dreaming of long tresses like Rapunzel’s, here are a few steps you must follow.

    • Do not use hair styling gels, straightening gels ever! Use a wide-toothed comb if hair fall is present, please do not use a combing brush or small comb also avoid sharing your comb with others especially when you do not know their scalp condition.

do not use hair dryer on high setting

    • Do not pick up hair serums from market without a dermatologist opinion as sometimes you may not need it and also it may rather suit you and can cause more damage. For a good dermatological opinion, you can visit our website & Book an Online Appointment with the Best Dermatologist in Islamabad, Lahore and other main cities of Pakistan.
    • Do not use an anti-dandruff shampoo regularly, especially over the counter ones, as they can lead to early greying of hair and can also, damage the root and shaft on lingering usage. If you are facing premature greying of hairs book an appointment with the best general physician in Karachi, where a lot of people are found to be a victim of early hair discoloration.
    • Do not comb wet hair vigorously, patience is the key for wet hair, they may shed more so please avoid.
    • Do not use the same shampoo for months together, it is always a good idea to keep changing the brand even in one week using 2 shampoos alternatively to prevent resistance and increased chemical damage.
    • Do not tumble dry your hair ever and also, put your head down and clean as that causes more root damage to hair and can lead to excessive loss of hair follicles.
    • Remember you are what you eat. So, maintaining a healthy diet is key to healthy hairs. You can find and consult with the best nutritionist in Karachi and other main cities of Pakistan via Marham. A nutritionist can guide you on how diet can aid in gaining and maintaining healthy hairs.
    • Do not keep your hair tied up for full 24 hours always allow a breathing time on a daily basis and let them open at least for a short while daily.

hair care

    • Do not maintain your tresses in a bun if you have long hair all the time as it can lead to traction alopecia and lead to hair fall also if you tie a ponytail do not keep it very tight and avoid tying tightly your hair during sleep for sure.

Be especially careful when you detangle wet hair, as maximum damage and hair loss can happen then. With regularly oiling your hair and these tips can help you achieve longer hair only if you are patient. Using natural coconut oil nourishes the scalp. On an average, hair grows about half an inch a month so do not expect a miracle.

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