9 Strategies to Curb the Mysterious Exploding Head Syndrome

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Exploding head syndrome is a rare health condition that makes person hears loud noise either during sleep or after waking up. Even though it is not a serious health issue but it can make a person mentally disturb. The person suffering from it feels the loud explosions as if it is really happening around.

The noises in the persons’ head make sleeping and waking up really difficult. The person feels a throbbing pain in his head. However, duration of this isn’t very long. It starts in-between the stages of sleep and goes away when a person wakes up.

In extreme cases, a person might see flashes of light along with loud noise, moreover heart rate of a person increases, and some feel fear and anxiety whereas some feel strong muscle cramps after facing the episode of this syndrome.
exploding head syndrome

The question arises what are the causes of Exploding head syndrome?

Following are some of the causes of its occurrence:

  • Neurological Issue
  • Fear and Anxiety- If you are experiencing unexplained fear and stress don’t delay to book a consultation with the best psychologist in Karachi, Lahore or any other main city of Pakistan via Marham.pk.
  • History of Stress
  • Sleep interruptions

Treatment Strategies:

Once the symptom of it is known sleep specialist should be approached quickly. You can book an appointment with the best Doctor usually suggest following things:

  • Keep a track of diet
  • Spend a night in a Sleep laboratory
  • Medication can influence the neurological activity- An appointment with the best neurologist in Karachi or any other main city of Pakistan can be booked through marham.pk.

loud noises

All of the above-mentioned ways can help a person get rid of it. It is a mental state that is not something to be really worried about; however, sleep therapists must be consulted to overcome this situation to live a balanced life. This situation can cause anxiety and depression in a person along with frustration so counseling and therapy is a must.

Few Most Popular Psychologists:

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