9 Super Veggies You Need to Eat More

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Vegetables are powerhouses of vitamins and nutrients. If you are eating these as a priority in your diet you are probably on healthier track for a better and longer life. What you need to add more is here. Below is the list of some veggies you should pick more next time you go to grocery shopping.

Beet Greens

Edible green parts of beetroot are rich in vitamin K. This is considered to lower the risk of getting type 2 diabetes. One cup of these provides as much as twice of your daily requirement of vitamin K. You can sauté these to use as a side dish or just add to pasta or soup.


Baby versions of vegetables like radish, cabbage, kale, and broccoli are packed with a higher amount of nutrients including vitamin C and E compared to their fully grown versions. You can add a handful of these to salad, sandwich or as garnishing adding their goodness and tangy taste together.


Swiss Chard

Two varieties of Swiss chard are available both are a good source of antioxidants like zeaxanthin and lutein. These antioxidants have proven benefits for eye health and are waistline-friendly. To preserve their nutritional goodness avoid cooking these much.


Asparagus is loaded with folate. This B vitamin helps fight against high blood pressure. Adding this to salads in raw form is the best way to reap its benefits.


This leafy green has a good load of vitamin A, C, K, and manganese. Also eating 1.5 cups of leafy vegetables daily lowers your chances of getting type 2 diabetes. Make a smoothie with it or add it to scrambled eggs or casseroles.

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Frozen Peas

Having a bag of green peas in your freezer is a good idea. A mere cup of these has as much as 5g of fiber, fiber helps you feel full and you end up eating less. Fiber also helps improve digestive health and lowers cholesterol. Add these to soups, salads or pasta.

Red Bell Pepper

Normally red bell pepper is considered vegetable but it is a fruit. It contains beta-carotene, vitamin C and B vitamins. These can be used in salads and to add color to almost anything you cook. Do you find it difficult to incorporate veggies into your daily meals? There are a lot of quick recipes and handy vegan cook books available to make vegetables eating fun and delicious.


Broccoli is a rock star of vegetables. It contains a number of plant chemicals that help ward off some type of cancers. It is a vital source of vitamin C and K. you can steam it to make a side dish, stir-fry or make a smoothie with fruits to mask its taste.


These are a good source of nitrates which are good for your blood pressure. These are also rich in fiber which can help to regulate bowel movement and reduce your cholesterol levels. You can add these to salads, sandwiches or bake these to use as a side dish.

By eating these veggies, one can achieve a good health and personality. But, if there is any medical history, find and consult with the best dietetics/ nutritionist in Lahore, Karachi & other main cities of Pakistan.

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