9 Surprising Signs Of Depression In Women

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Depression is an illness and a disease that can make you hopeless, helpless, and you lose interest in life. Often, people confuse depression with, which is not the same thing. Sadness is for a short period of time but, depression is totally different. It eats the person inside out and makes an apparently healthy person useless for daily routine. To know the actual meaning of depression, you must know the signs of depression.

A recent study of the British journal of psychiatry says that the ratio of female depression dominates by 2:1. The study further suggests that the main cause of depression in women is their help-seeking behavior, which is due to patriarchal society. But depression has its signs which if identified can help the affected seek guidance from a doctor. Below mentioned are a few signs which point to depression.

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The sign of depression are discussed below;

1. Feeling Of Guilt And Worthlessness

Women start blaming themselves for everything that is happening in their life. They will take responsibility for all the wrong things and feel guilty about it. Moreover, the apologetic behavior engulfs their personality and reduces self-esteem. Self-esteem is the representation of their self-worth. Feelings of being deprived, deviant, and defected are also one of the signs of depression.

2. Negativity

Having a point of view is a separate thing but, being negative about everything causes resentment. People make up their minds before getting into something, and the worse thing about judgment is negative judgment. These people are unable to do anything in life and do not let people around them do anything. Most of the women are going through the same situation.

3. Sleeplessness

Blame those sleepless nights on your old friend-depression. It is sad but true, at night you are unable to find peace to sleep. Your anxieties overcome the peace in your mind. It is an alarming sign of depression because it affects your health. Women’s emotional state affects their physical state, it means that something has to be done about it. Sleeplessness also causes acid reflux and Apnea (shortness of breath while sleeping).

4. Fatigue

Tiredness is a result of stressing on every other issue which leads to depression. Stress comes from overthinking and coming up with negative conclusions. Exhaustion can be both mental and physical especially for women. Some people start putting too much pressure on their body by working out or doing excessive work. But, it as an escapist approach and it leads to depression.

5. Loss Of Interest

Losing interest in the activities that one loved to do before is a serious symptom of depression. Lack of interest is also known as Anhedonia and it eliminates the will to look forward to things. Excitements in your life make you feel alive and free but, being emotionally absent makes things dull for you and the people around you. People stop doing things for you when you stop showing excitement and gratitude. But, faking such emotions can be very alarming. Most of the women go through this problem and do not do anything about it.

6. Lack Of Concentration

A depressed person has a hard time concentrating on the petty tasks of daily life. The mind keeps on wandering and the negative energy drains the power to concentrate and finish work. Depression might trigger memory loss, which also makes things difficult for you to concentrate. The thought of not being able to understand anything while someone is giving directions or homework in school makes you depressed. Even in relationships when a person does not concentrate on anything makes things difficult. No one understands the emotional aspects better than a woman as they went through all of it.

7. Indecisiveness

Your ability to take decisions is affected by depression. Usually, women are unable to decide about something in life. Even the small decisions seem very difficult and impossible to decide. Being indecisive can be a serious cause of terminating your relationship with someone. Moreover, if you have decided something you will be demoralized by what you chose. It will be difficult for you to submit to your will and stick with it.

8. Uncertain Reactions

The things happening around us affect our behavior. The sudden state of anger and a sudden calmness can seem very unsettling. Most of the women go through this problem. People do not process in such a way, they have a normal process of channeling their emotions. The emotional imbalance will make you an outcast and a deviant. It is unable to see situations rationally and people get scared in sharing things with you.

9. Suicidal Thoughts

Having a death wish is not a selfish act, it is an illness. It should be treated immediately. A death wish shows feelings of helplessness. A person stops appreciating life when they lose all hope. It is the worst thing a person can go through, you should work hard to find joy in little things in life. Death is not an option to escape, it kills hope.

These are few signs of depression that have entered into our lives without us even noticing. But it is on us to work for the revival of our happy selves and the surrounding people affected by this illness. A lot of women face this problem every day but, they should try to stay happy because life is too short for all of it. In case of depression, immediately find the best psychiatrist. It will help you in your life.

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