90 Minute Test To Detect COVID19 Might Prove Beneficial

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Since December last year, this COVID19 spread has been uncontrollable and the whole world is affected. It has already caused us millions of deaths and the healthcare sectors of many countries have collapsed. Some of the countries who have taken hold of this situation have worked on their testing capacity. Testing capacities play a major role to identify infected patients and bringing the disease under control.

Getting tested and then waiting for hours before receiving the results was a difficult thing to go through. This disease has its own fear and anxiety and later waiting for the test results can prove to be even more stressful. Considering this situation, Britain is working ahead of us and they have come up with a technology that can prove to be a great help in this time of COVID19 pandemic.

What Is This 90 Minute Test?

The new technology known as the 90-minute test’s name is self-explanatory. It has the ability to detect COVID19 and other virals in almost an hour. This facility will be introduced in care homes and laboratories from next week in Britain.

The 90-minute test, also known as the “on-the-spot” swab and DNA tests will help the doctors and the medical staff to distinguish between COVID19 and other seasonal illnesses quite easily. These machines used to process the COVID19 tests come in two versions, desktop and a palm version. The COVID19 testing machines will be used in ‘pop-up labs’ as well as in existing labs.

These two types of tests are capable of working on their own and do not require any trained health staff to run them. The 90 minute COVID19 testing machines can also pick up other winter viruses apart from COVID19 germs.

What Is The Accuracy Of This Test?

The 90 minute COVID19 test is considered as a:

  • Rapid
  • Accurate
  • Portable
  • Straight out-of-laboratory

The simply understandable PCR test is capable of delivering the results on the spot. You just need to wait over an hour. This transformative and single chipped test not only enables a comparison of a sample accuracy but also can open up chances to be an accurate prediction of other virals too. This technology eliminates “false negative” results by testing for inadequate swabbing.

This testing technique has proved to give results according 98% sensitivity and 100% specificity. This testing machine works like any other testing kit. It requires throat and nose swabs, these DNA test machines have already been in use in the hospitals of London and will be rolled out across NHS hospitals from September.

This new rapid COVID19 tests will provide on-the-spot results in approximately under 90 minutes and will help us to break chains of transmission quickly.

When Will It Be Available?

For the people in Britain, this half a million of these new rapid swab tests will be available from the coming week in the adult care settings and labs, followed by a million more out later in the year. Unfortunately, this is only available in Britain yet we are hoping to hear similar news in other countries around the world.

A Word From Marham

As we are experiencing rapid useful discoveries regarding this pandemic, we are hoping to use this technology here in Pakistan soon too. Unless it isn’t here, there is no other option than saving ourselves by staying away from crowded areas such as hospitals and clinics. Choose telemedicine and contact your doctor through online video consultations.

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