Truth about Processed foods

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Emulsifiers are the artificial preservatives used in processed foods and they are known to increase the risk of inflammation of the gut and promote bowel diseases. Emulsifiers are used in ice creams for smoothing its texture and in mayonnaise for keeping it together. These can disturb your metabolism, according to study emulsifiers can disturb the makeup of bacteria in the colon and these additives have shown to affect the health of a person directly.

Effects of Emulsifiers on Weight and Gut Health:

When you consume an excess of foods containing emulsifiers you become obese and developed various metabolic problems, one famous problem is glucose intolerance. It increases inflammation in the gut and it is quite severe in some cases. It is a finding of a study that explains how emulsifiers break down the heavy mucus which lines the walls of mammals gut and by that prevents the bacteria to come into contact with cells in the gut, which leads to various infections. You can get the help of best gastroenterologist and get rid of painful gastrointestinal infections.

processed food
processed food

Additives Creating Problems:

There are a lot of components that contribute in the inflammation and metabolic diseases, removing preservatives from food would shorten their life so it is the responsibility of regulatory agencies to check on what basis additives are being approved. It’s not easy to find foods which are free of emulsifiers but one should at least make effort for it. The main function of emulsifiers is to blend together ingredients which normally refused to mix together you can take an example of oil and water. They can work as a detergent when breaking down the oil so it mixes well with water. Imagine how dangerous it is for our health. Low-fat products are somewhat responsible for weight gain because they disrupt microbiota in the gut.

Natural Emulsifiers:

Ice creams do not necessarily need emulsifiers to create that fine smooth texture real cream can do just fine. When people start using cheap products in foods there arises the need for emulsifiers and gums to give produce stable conditions. Eggs are the natural emulsifier thus there is no need to use emulsifiers in baked goods, though some manufacturers are using it.

processed food
processed food

We humans always freak out thinking about the bacteria’s around us but when it comes to our gut we need bacteria to do its job they will keep us safe by killing bad bacteria. You need them for digestion and by using emulsifiers we are destroying this natural process in our bodies.

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