A Complete Guide to Pregnancy and How Marham Can Help You

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Happy faces, beautiful smile, and anxious wait. Yes! The new guest announcement has just made by the mommy to the family. The family member who is not yet here but has already become the apple of everyone’s eye. Mommy is excited yet a bit confuse as well.

All these things can be normal for 9 months if mommy to be is taking care of her health. It won’t be wrong to say that in these whole 9 months a mother is not only carrying a baby but a full-time duty for future happiness.

During this time lapse, blood pressure can get down. Sugar level can get high and unexpected craving can cause nausea all the time. These are normal things to happen. All you need to do is to control it for the sake of yours and baby’s health and get a complete guide to pregnancy.

In this article, we are going to share some really basic yet important guideline for all mommy to be. We all know that as every woman is different so are the pregnancies. Within a few weeks, you can understand how to manage your pregnancy with a healthy lifestyle. Here is Complete Guide to Pregnancy that can really help you in “super-duper 9 months duration”.

Stop mind Gambling

Quit playing games with your mind for some time. Do not believe unauthentic advice because it can confuse your mind. Even I would suggest do not believe Google’s unauthentic websites with half information. But hey! Thanks to technology and amazing entrepreneurs that are doing amazing jobs. You can get the best advice from an authentic gynecologist in Islamabad from Marham’s application.

Pregnancy guide

Keep a hand away from chemicals

Bleach, hair dyes, and washing detergents are horrible for you. I repeat HORRIBLE. Quit exposure to all chemicals because they are toxic for your and baby’s health. It’s okay to look overage with these grey hair. It’s totally fine if you are not using bleach for face and dealing with dark spots and circle around eyes.
Motherhood is all about sacrifices. You will forget all these sacrifices once you will hold those little soft hands. So forget about looks for a while and just focus on health.

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Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy

Keep all the apparatus in your bag. Either it is blood pressure apparatus or sugar apparatus. Keep check and balance in your hands. During pregnancy, your blood pressure can get low more often. Now, this is the real exam for you. You have to keep it normal but in a healthy way. Not more than required and not less than it as well. You can keep salt in your bag. Keep candies too but do not overeat anything.
Use them only when you are feeling drowsy.

Go Slow On Carbs

“I am badly craving for chocolate brownie”. Deep inside we all know that this is the only excuse. Hey! Mama to be, you really need to slow down on carbs because it can put you in trouble. HOW? During pregnancy, there are chances of high blood sugar level. While you are eating pizzas and cupcakes you are actually contributing to the level of sugar in the body.

Light Walk

Do not make excuses for a light and healthy walk. We know you are pregnant. We know you are lazier these days. We also know that you have fear in your heart. Being overprotective is normal. But get up lady! If you will not work on your health then you are not simply a good mommy.
Morning walks are always wonderful. But keep it slow. Do not run and overdo anything. Either it is a walk or your diet.

Weight gain is not your headache.

It’s natural and it’s cute as well. I always find pregnant mommies like the cutest creature in the world. Do not over think about weight gain. It’s not the right time for it. Once your baby is here you can think whatever you want to but not now.

Stay Happy

Think positive and stay happy. Negative thoughts have no room in your mind for this time period. Keep yourself in the happy company and avoid all the negative people. You have the whole life for gossips so just give it break for 9 months.

Pregnancy guide

Consult Gynecologist Often.

Consult a good gynecologist and do not switch to every other doctor. If a doctor is suitable for you then do not visit any other doctor for the next 8 months. Stick to the PLAN. Trust your doctor because she knows your condition best.

How To Find The Best Gynecologist?

You are keeping your health good but are really visiting a trustworthy and authentic gynecologist? Here I am going to reveal a secret that can really help you. Visit Marham.pk and you can find the best gynecologists in Your area or any other big city with just a few clicks. Isn’t amazing that now there is no need to go to the hospital and wait for hours and hours.

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What You Really Need To Do?

Visit the website. You can find doctors of all the specialties. You can also find answers to all your queries. The best part is your privacy will be secure. If you are having morning sickness and don’t feel like visit the gynecologist you can also take online consultation in the form of audio or video call while sitting on your bed.

How To Choose A Doctor?

The only concern and hurdle we are facing with technology is authenticity and trust. So now the question is how you can find and trust a doctor. All you need to do is the follow the steps.

    • Read the review of patients about the doctor.
    • Compare the doctor’s profile.
    • Use the call center number for an opinion.
    • Ask for a recommendation from the representative.
    • Book appointment from the most authentic platform.

Before taking any step in pregnancy a mother should make sure that if it is good for her baby or not. Your slight mistake can ruin the happiness and excitement of the whole family. It is also advised to the family to take extra care of Mama to be. She not only need physical care but emotional as well. To book an appointment with the best gynecologist in Karachi or any other city you can visit Marham.pk right away.

Few Most Popular Gynecologists in Pakistan:

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