A Surprising Solution to Current Ordeal between Government and PML-N

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If we look at the current political situation of Pakistan there are several important issues over which opposition and government have strong conflicts. Out of these the most important and attention-grabbing one is the health issues and treatment of ex-PM Nawaz Sharif. He is currently serving his 7-year jail-term in Al-Azizia steel mill case at Kot-lakhpat jail. His bail petition on medical grounds has also been turned down. Nawaz Sharif is suffering from serious heart risks.

If we put his condition into Maryam Nawaz’s words:

PTI government opinionates on this that they have provided all health services to ex-PM and are cooperating well. Have a look at this tweet from Dr. Yasmin Rashid:

The problem is clear Mr. Nawaz Sharif wants to be treated by his healthcare professional abroad and the government does not want him to leave the country.

PML-N has clearly stated that Mr. Nawaz Sharif needs the attention of the specialist he has been operated by. As you would have seen Ahsan Iqbal’s tweet:

In the wake of this whole situation Marham.pk, a digital health care startup has come up with a solution that can suit both the parties. Marham using its telemedicine service can connect Mr. Nawaz Sharif to his doctors abroad. Telemedicine today is way more than just a call to the doctor for a chat. Videoconferencing can be done using the Marham platform where a virtual consultation can be held between a patient, respective specialist, caregivers, GP, and nurse. This can help in sharing knowledge and making a decision best for the patient.

Use of sophisticated technology, digital devices and software are the core of a successful e-visit. Marham has it all. Marham is already providing these services across Pakistan and in countries like UK, USA, and Turkey.


Marham.pk is a pioneer in of digital healthcare services in Pakistan using its services patients across Pakistan and abroad book appointments, get video consultations, second opinions and access an array of other healthcare services. Marham offers to make special arrangements for consultation between Mr. Nawaz Sharif and his specialists abroad. The solution being offered by Marham cannot only be helpful for health concerns of Mr. Nawaz Sharif but can also release tension between the government and PML-N.

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