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Mobile Phone Disadvantages
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Mobile phones are nowadays an important part of modern telecommunication in every person’s life. If only talking about Pakistan then half of the country’s population is using mobile phones and its market value is growing rapidly. Even children are becoming addicted to mobile phones and their parents have no idea how bad it’s affecting their health. However, it is very important for everyone to know about the health hazards, risks, and dangers of using mobile phones before it’s too late. You can also get an online consultation with the best general physician in Islamabad through


Mobile phones emit radiofrequency fields a 1000 times greater than what is emitted from base stations. This radiofrequency energy that is emitted from mobile phones has some unfavorable effect on the health of users and can also increase the risk of cancer.

Mobile Phone Disadvantages

Mobile Phone Disadvantages

2.Sleep Disorders:

Most of the people especially youngsters use their mobile phones at night-time. Regular chatting, late night calls, and gossips over the phone are becoming the main reason for sleep disorders. You have no idea but yes this is the reason why you are sleep deprived. Your mobile phone is the culprit which does not let you sleep early at night. Think about it!

3.Increased Accident Risk:

While you’re driving or crossing a road, the mobile phone can be a possible distraction. You must be thinking that at least you don’t do this but chances are you check your phone unintentionally. It is becoming more like a habit. We can’t spend a few minutes without checking our phones. However, it is dangerously increasing the risk of accidents. To book an online appointment with the best general physician in Lahore, visit

4.Heart Problems:

Radiations coming out from your mobile phone are associated with chronic diseases like heart problems. According to a study published in the European Journal of Oncology, radiations emitted from mobile phones are contributing to abnormalities in heart function. Now, what could be worse than this?

5.Hearing Impairment:

There was a time when I used to travel to my college bus and believe me on that bus every single student had earphones plugged in while traveling. However, it is extremely dangerous for hearing and can lead anyone to the hearing impairment. But that’s not the only reason why hearing loss is increasing in youth and adults. In fact, mobile phone radiations are also an additional cause that’s making people deaf. To get an online consultation with the best general physician in Karachi, visit

Mobile Phone Disadvantages

Mobile Phone Disadvantages

Apart from these, there are also many others health hazards of using mobile phones such as eye problems, infertility, skin allergy, and infections. I know a mobile phone is a good invention which helps us in so many ways but we can’t ignore these health hazards and risks as well. After all, health comes first and before this invention people were still living a happy life. So, don’t get addicted to mobile phones and keep yourself safe from these health hazards.

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