After Surgery; You Need Extra Care

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Surgery leaves a long lasting impact on human’s emotional, physical and overall mental health. Once the surgery is over, the real journey of recovery begins and it takes extra effort. Emotional recovery after surgery takes time and if you feel extreme depression, frustration and anxiety after surgery consult psychiatrist. Marham is here to provide you with a complete guideline of how to look after yourself after surgery.

Listen to your doctor

If your physician has instructed you not to lift weight or climb stairs or exert yourself. You have to listen to him/her in order to recover better. When we ignore doctor’s instructions considering them useless, we often have to face its consequences later in life. Even for a time being you feel better physically but you might need time to heal internally, so follow your doctor’s advice always.


No matter what, the right amount of healthy food can make you recover faster and better. Initially, you might not feel like eating, you can feel nausea or face constipation but healthy food heals you faster. You should consult a nutritionist to make you a diet plan according to your health condition. Take protein rich diet, take vitamin C as it helps in healing, and consume iron rich diet to recover from blood loss, intake of fiber and probiotic is essential to boost the functioning of immune system.

Follow up

Half of the patients during their recovery stage don’t follow up with their doctors. It’s essential to meet your surgeon after a surgery to know how your healing process has been going. The surgeon can look for infections or any potential hazards that surgery may cause.

Accept help

I know it’s hard to ask for help again and again while you are recovering from your surgery. It’s necessary to take help from your friends and family, they won’t mind helping you. Healing takes time and you might need someone to pass you a glass of water or even take you to the washroom. It’s alright; once you get better you can always carry on with your routine life. So accept help.

Surgery definitely affects your overall well-being but taking care of yourself afterward is equally important. If necessary care is not taken in time, it can leave a long lasting impact on your life. So look after yourself and carry on with your routine work once you are properly healed.

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