Alien Hand: Are You Also Aware Of A Similar Case?

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As we know there are various different and unique conditions in the world that human experiences. Be it related to the body or brain, these conditions sometimes consist of both of our brain and the body. Just like other syndromes that humans experience, there is a syndrome known as an Alien Hand Syndrome. This syndrome is a rare neurological condition which can make one of our hand to act on its own. It is not signaled by us. The Alien Hand Syndrome makes our hand function on its own as it has a brain and makes it function individually. Isn’t it interesting? Keep scrolling to know more about it!

What Is The Alien Hand Syndrome?

In Alien Hand Syndrome, a person feels that one of their body parts, mostly the hand is affected. It operates on its own, has a brain on its own moreover, it does not work in the ownership of the person. The alien hand syndrome usually occurs in episodes and the intensity of those episodes depends on a person to another. The affected hand moves deliberately and feels as if it has its own sensors to carry out unintentional tasks.

The Causes Of An Alien Hand?

The syndrome is very directly linked to our brain and the neurotransmitters. It connects to the brain functions and functions that separate two hemispheres of our brain. Moreover, if during surgery, any of the hemispheres of our brain gets damaged, this can also prove to be the cause of this alien hand syndrome. Those surgeries that are done to treat epilepsy can sometimes cause damage and makes the brain function in this particular way.

Can The Symptoms Be Identified Easily?

People ask so many questions about this syndrome as it is quite unique and is not very commonly experienced in everyday life. It raises concerns about the readers about what can be the easiest way to diagnose it.

The most type of symptom that one experiences are that if you start feeling your hand being stranger to you. This is the most prominent type symptom of Alien Hand Syndrome. The hand which is affected may function involuntarily and perform goal-directed tasks and actions. It is said that the alien hand syndrome makes the hand move on its own and without any awareness.

The alien hand syndrome makes the hand touch your face, button a shirt, or pick up an object, sometimes repeatedly or compulsively. It may also levitate on its own.

How Can It Be Diagnosed?

The doctors say that Alien Hand can be easily diagnosed through observation and evaluation. It can be quite difficult and tricky to diagnose an alien hand syndrome as it is a neurological disorder and not a psychiatric condition.

People confusing it with a psychological condition can make it difficult to diagnose because it certainly does not seem to be neurological. But to make it clear, this condition occurs due to the malfunctioning of our neurotransmitters and is not connected to psychological conditions in any way. This condition is attributed to a psychiatric disorder that can make it frustrating for the person who is suffering from it.

Interesting Facts And Figures About The Alien Hand Syndrome

  • Alien Hand Syndrome was first diagnosed back in 1909.
  • This syndrome as recorded by the previous cases usually affects the left or the non-dominant hand.
  • According to the previous cases that have been recorded, it is seen that sometimes the alien hand can also try to harm the individual.
  • Some people also name their alien hands.

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