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November 11, 2020: The very famous fast-food chain, McDonald’s has recently announced that they will be introducing a new range of plant-based burgers that will be meat alternatives and will be called “McPlant”. This new range will be a part of McDonald’s in the upcoming year of 2021.

According to the officials of McDonald’s, they will now be offering plant-based burgers, chicken substitutes and breakfast sandwiches for the people who do not eat meat. In the longer run, this new idea by McDonald’s might be worth $140bn (£106bn) by 2029. These new McDonald’s plant-based burgers have already been tested in Canada with a producer of plant-based meat.

The new invention of the meat substitutes is based on the idea and the concerns over meat’s effects on health, the environment and animal welfare in the longer run.

“We are excited about the opportunity because we believe we have a proven, delicious-tasting product,” said Ian Borden, who heads McDonald’s international operations.

However, it is said that McDonald’s is a little late to enter the meat-free market. The other fast-food brands such as Burger King, have already introduced plant-based burgers previously.

McDonald’s have worked on this idea in collaboration with a plant meat supplier company known as Beyond Meat.

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