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We observe a lot of changes in our skin while growing up, so even the slightest change in our skin can make us worried. Have you ever heard of Skin tags? Well, Skin tags are tiny pieces of skin that emerge out of the body; these small pieces appear as if they are hanging off the skin.

Their occurrence is still debatable but according to research, it could emerge on the areas where skin rubs against itself such as armpits, neck etc.

Marham is here to answer all your queries regarding Skin tags by answering frequently asked questions regarding it:

What exactly is Skin tag?

Skin tags are noncancerous tumors that can appear anywhere on your skin. They can appear on the armpits, eyelids, chest, and groin area or on the neck. Even though they are harmless, but if you feel any pain in the area where skin tags are present, don’t hesitate to visit a dermatologist

Can skin tag turn into Cancer?

The Answer for this most frequently asked question is “Not really”. There is no clear evidence regarding it. They are just an outgrowth of a skin mainly consist of fiber, nerve cells, and fat cells. Mostly they don’t do any harm.

Does its removal hurt?

Some of the skin tags fall off on their own and you might not even notice them. If skin tag on your skin is prominent don’t try to remove it on your own as it can cause bleeding or infect your skin. Mostly removal is done for an aesthetic purpose, for the safe removal of it consult a dermatologist. Removing a tag on your own can hurt you, doctors give local anesthesia to numb the area for the safe and pain-free removal.

Who is more prone to Skin tags?

Skin bumps can be hereditary and are usually transferred from one generation to another. In addition to it, obese people suffer from skin bumps more than the healthier ones. Unfortunately, pregnant women are more likely to get it because of hormonal changes.

Are Skin tags preventable?

Well, to prevent yourself from skin tag you will have to control the risk factors that become a cause of it such as:

  • Obesity: Lose weight even if it’s few pounds. This will reduce your sweat level and friction in your skin folds.
  • Clothing: Believe it or not tight clothing can become a cause of skin tags. Try to wear loose, breathable clothes to avoid friction that results in skin tags.
  • Dry powder: During summer you are most likely to get it because of excessive sweat, so try to use powder on armpits around neck or skin folds. Make sure powder is medicated.

Few Most Popular Dermatologist:

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