All You Need to Know About Stunted Growth

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Getting proper nourishment is a very basic right of a child. It starts from the very first step; when a woman conceives, she needs to get all the necessary nutrients to deliver a healthy baby. If a Mother is malnourished during pregnancy it can lead to the premature death of an infant, or may slow down the mental development of a baby in future.

What is Stunted Growth?

A drastic reduction in the growth of child is known as stunted growth. It mainly occurs due to the Malnourishment, Poor sanitation system (diarrhea), usage of drugs by mothers during pregnancy or it can also be hereditary.

What are the Consequences of Stunted Growth?

It not only affects physical growth but it also has a great impact on child’s learning and overall mental development. If you ever feel that your child height isn’t growing well compared to other kids or he/she has slow mental capability don’t hesitate to consult a Pediatrician

How can I know is my Child growing well?

Your Pediatrician has a pediatric growth chart that has an average growth of a large-scale population data; hence a pediatrician can compare your kid’s height and weight from it to determine his/her growth.

Is it Life threatening?

No, don’t worry. If you take Proactive measures you can catch up with it. Through Nutritious diet one can cope up with it. Consult a nutritionist to get a complete diet plan according to your child’s age, height and weight to ensure healthy growth.

What can I do to catch up with the stunted growth?

Don’t worry; Marham is here to equip you with all the necessary nutrients that your child needs in order to grow well. If you ensure the intake of the following nutrients your kid will not have to suffer from slow growth:

Carbohydrates, Fats and Proteins

Proteins are building blocks of our muscles, Carbohydrates and fats are source of providing energy to your kid. So give them a diet from all three food groups such as Lean meat, Bread, Poultry, Dry nuts, Fish etc.


In growing years, your children need Iron for the good delivery of oxygen to the body cells. Iron deficiency can make your child extremely lethargic and greatly affect his/her performance. Food such as Meat, Beans, Leafy Vegetables and fortified cereals can boost iron level in your kids.

Vitamin D

In order to absorb calcium in our body, vitamin D is essential. Vitamin D rich foods include milk, mushroom etc. So don’t cut back the servings of milk to your child. Increase their outdoor play time for the healthy intake of Vitamin D. It will make their bones strong.

Healthy growth of a child is essential for his/her overall well being. In Pakistan due to lack of resources parents are unable to meet the nutritional needs of kids hence they greatly suffer from stunted growth. Take proactive measures to not only save your child from stunted growth but help others’ kids as well.

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