Am I Actually Hungry Or Just Feeling Bored?

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Love of food is something that we all have in common. Every one of us has different choices in what we want to eat or what we always prefer eating. But, apart from being a foodie, there are other situations too. Some of us eat to survive, some of us eat to pass time, and some of us struggle with boredom eating. Boredom eating is eating when we are not truly hungry.

In fact, the habit is known as boredom eating and other types of eating linked to emotional distress can lead to excessive weight gain.

This article highlights the differences between actually being hungry and boredom eating and provides strategies to help stave off boredom eating. Keep scrolling!

The Anatomy Of Hunger

Every person experiences a different type of hunger. It can be quite difficult to define as it all depends on one’s hormones, biochemical processes, and also, physical reactions. Generally, hunger strikes are of two types, physical and psychological.

Physical hunger is usually our body’s drive to eat for survival, whereas psychological hunger is more about cravings.

Hunger, Which Is Actually Physical

Physical hunger is usually required by your body to produce more energy and to keep you going. If someone experiences this type of hunger, the body will start feeling weak and our stomach may start rumbling. In this condition, one may experience hunger pangs. Physical hunger if avoided can result in low blood sugar levels, unfocused behaviour, or fatigue.

The Psychological Hunger

Psychological hunger mostly occurs when one has no physical signs of hunger but have a strong urge to munch something immediately.

Hunger Out Of Boredom

Another culprit of hunger is boredom. Boredom hunger also falls in the psychological factors and is not at all required by our body. Boredom eating is linked to emotional eating which is usually experienced if a person is under stress.

You Are Sleeping Poorly

Sleeping appropriately is a necessity that our body requires from us. Sleep has some powerful effects on your eating habits as well. According to some studies, the people who don’t get enough sleep eat more calories, snack more often and, are more likely to gain weight.

How Would I Know If I Am Actually Hungry?

The question which confuses me and many others is how would I know if I am actually hungry or I am just bored? Well here are a few things that can help us identify our actual issue.

Do A Mental Check On Yourself

To actually understand what is happening to our body, you need to ask yourself:

  • What emotions am I exactly feeling right now?
  • Am I bored, anxious, or sad?
  • When was the last time that I had a meal properly?

If you successfully identify that the hunger symptoms are not signaled by your body and only are emotional, here’s what to do, Have A Glass Of Water!!. Sometimes, immediately distracting your body from boredom hunger can get you back on track. It is also said that thirst can sometimes make you feel like you are physically hungry.

Sometimes I Try To Eat But Am Not Able To, What Can Be The Reason?

Boredom hunger can be an issue but there’s another scenario which is totally opposite. That is, feeling physically hungry but being unable to eat at all. According to the people who experience this, it can be even more difficult to tackle as compared to boredom or emotional hunger.
Here are some tips to help you manage physical hunger when you’re unable to eat:

  • Plan Your Meal Ahead Of Time:
    If you feel like you won’t be able to eat, give yourself some time, and plan a fulfilling meal. By doing this, at the time of lunch, you will already be prepared about what you are going to eat.
  • Chew A Gum:
    Chewing gum can sometimes alleviate hunger. If you don’t feel hungry, try this trick.
  • Try Not To Overeat Later:
    Once you’re able to eat, do so slowly and mindfully. Take careful note of when you feel full to avoid overeating.

Where Can I Get Help From?

If you are experiencing difficulty in managing your weight, or, if you want to make your eating habits better, you need to consult a nutritionist. A nutritionist will help you to identify the issues and will also guide you to have a better eating routine. Can’t find a nutritionist, visit or call us at 03111222398.

Moreover, if you feel you can not commit to an in-person consultation, you can also book yourself an online consultation by installing Marham’s mobile app!

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