An Overview Of Eye Infections- Symptoms, Causes & Treatment!

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Have you ever suffered from eye infections? And you are bothered by this nuisance situation. Sometimes these eye infections heal on their own, but usually, they need treatment.

Eye infections occur when harmful microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, or fungi enter any part of eyeball or other parts near it.

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In this article, you can find the symptoms, causes, and some remedies for eye infections.


Following are the most common symptoms of eye infections;

  • Red eyes (overall redness or red line in the white part of the eye)
  • Pain
  • Eye discharge (yellow or green)
  • Watery eyes
  • Dry eyes
  • Photosensitivity
  • Swollen eyes
  • Swelling around the eyes
  • Itching or feeling of foreign body in the eye
  • Blurry or reduced vision

Causes of Eye infections:

Pink eye or Conjunctivitis:

It is caused by a virus or bacteria. It is a highly contagious infection and spread usually among the children. Infants also may get this infection while the process of birth from the birth canal if the mother has a history of sexually transmitted disease.

Viral keratitis:

Other than the common pink eye, some other viral eye infections include ocular herpes, which occurs with exposure to the Herpes simplex virus.

Fungal keratitis:

The fungal eye infection is linked with Fusarium fungi, commonly found in organic matter. This and other fungi can invade the eye in other ways, such as through a penetrating injury caused by a tree branch.


It is an infection of the fluid or tissue inside the eye. It requires immediate medical treatment, or it may cause blindness.


Cellulitis is a bacterial or fungal infection. It can affect the skin and the eyes. There are two types of cellulitis may affect the eyes;

Preseptal cellulitis: This type affects the eyelids.

Orbital cellulitis:  This type affects the eyeball or causes swelling of the eye or eyelid.


A stye is an infection of the eyelid, usually in an eyelash follicle or one of the oil glands of the eyelid. Bacteria can cause a stye that may occur if a person touches their eye with unwashed hands or after touching their nose. Moreover, A stye may appear on the eyelash line or just inside the edge of the eyelid.


Uveitis is inflammation of the uvea, which is the middle layer of the eyeball that contains the iris.

Treatment of eye infection:

The treatment of eye infections depends upon the root cause of infection. Usually, bacterial infections are treated with antibiotics.

Viral infections usually recover on their own. In cases of severe viral eye infections, an antiviral eye drop may be prescribed. Some viral eye infections require careful administration of steroid eye drops to reduce related inflammation.

Sometimes doctors also prescribe antibiotics and antivirals simultaneously as the treatment.

Prevention of eye infection:

Eye infection can be prevented by taking the following measures;

  • Avoid touching the eyes without washing hands
  • Avoid sleeping with contact lenses
  • If anyone has an infection in your home or office, try to keep their towel, bedding separate.
  • Do not share your makeup with anyone

Home remedies for an eye infection:

  • Use saltwater (saline) to wash the infected eye
  • Place cold used tea bags on eyes for relaxation
  • If eyes are irritated, use a warm compress
  • A cold compress can also be used for comfort
  • Use rose water in the infected eye

If the infection persists or reoccurs, consult your doctor as soon as possible. Because untreated eye infections may cause blindness. You can consult the best eye specialist in Karachi through Marham.

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