Are We Expecting A Rise In Psychological Issues After This COVID-19 Period?

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COVID-19 period has proven beneficial in many ways. We have got plenty of time to spend with our families, managing our own selves and obviously developing our skills as well. But have we thought about those who don’t find it as a blessing?. People who fear their lives when they have to stay indoors. Here’s what the reasons can be.

People Staying Indoors

Staying locked away from the world is not a blissful feeling for every individual. Imagine having no life and no one to go back to. In that particular case, this situation for people living alone becomes hell. With a little to no activity, it becomes difficult to manage a long time alone at home.

Interaction With Abusive Parents

This quarantine period has shown a rise in domestic abuse as well as other abusive situations too. Parents and children who do not get along well are experiencing a bad situation whilst being locked down together. Many children are falling into extreme depression and anxiety because of the pressure of staying at home with abusive parents. COVID-19 period is getting difficult for many.

Interaction With Abusive Spouses

Domestic violence has been one of the very major issues around the world. Many people are able to seek help but many are left unheard. People usually manage through it because of social life and work life. But nowadays when there is no outdoor activity, spouses are falling prey for abusive relationships. Which will definitely cause an increase in mental health issues.

Staying Too Much indoors Can Cause An Increase In Depression

People who already have issues like anxiety and depression need to find themselves distraction as much as they can. Diverting their attention towards creative activities might help them avoid their symptoms. Staying without any activity during this lockdown can increase the chances of more frequent anxiety attacks and depressive episodes.

Anxiety Cases Can Increase By Watching Too Much COVID-19 News Around

A lot of negative news about the deaths and COVID-19 outcomes will not have a nice impact on many people. Having too much chaos around already and also watching it getting worse on tv can end up with more frequent and worse anxiety attacks. Try avoiding too much news and updates on social media as well. Find yourself a good season to watch and spend time in other healthy activities.

Can Also Trigger PTSD

People with post traumatic stress disorder might be the worst victims after COVID-19 patients. There are strong chances of PTSD being triggered during the pandemic.

A Word From Marham

It is a request to stay indoors as much as possible because that’s what will keep you and your family safe. offers you to talk to your doctor while being at your home.
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Stay Home, Stay Safe. Let’s fight this together!

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