Are You A 5-Star Doctor?

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 Yeh technology ka zamana hai

Every problem has a solution on Google. Whether you can’t decide what to wear on a birthday party or which happy meal to order for yourself. Everything has the same guru, Google. Even the mothers of this generation love to say

“Aes Google di maa kolun he puch ley mein ki pakawaan” (Ask Google guru what should I make in dinner?)

Same is the problem with our healthcare. When we feel the pain in our chest, we choose to google it up then go to a doctor for an actual identification of the problem.

Become an online doctor to not get lost in the mist…

Let’s face it, life will be 10X simpler and grander if we can find ourselves an online doctor for free who can talk to us about our problems and find a solution. Once and for all. But for that to be possible, doctors will need to have an online profile so that they can be found by their patients. Else, they will be lost in the dark. Both the patients and the doctors.

Why do you doctors need an online presence?

An online presence can greatly increase your accessibility to the patients. If a patient has an option of talking to the doctor online or asking for free help, there is 10/10 chance that they will turn to your for consultations and guidance. What more would you want?

You can choose to look at it from the competitive prospect as well. With the increasing popularity of video consultations around the world, we need to have first-hand access to our own base of competent and experienced doctors.

Rather than outsourcing Indian or European doctors, it is better to be patriotic to our own talent.

But not every time you type in a doctor’s name will you be able to find accurate information! Either the number turns out to be not working or the address is of a graveyard.

So until the doctor is known for sending people straight to the heavens, there must really be something wrong!

Surprisingly enough, most of the websites which showcase doctor’s profiles are working for profit and therefore do not have the best interests of the doctors at heart. They only show limited information regarding their services and credentials. MARHAM has the perfect solution for you!

The doctor’s database at MARHAM has been prepared by confirming the data for each doctor through an elaborate identification and verification process. The web application also shows the information of doctors from 23 specialties with the option of choosing your city, area/region and even the sub-specialty (if you already know). After selecting any one doctor, you gain direct access to the profile of the doctor where you can see the list of credentials, services, appointment timings and the address to their clinic/ hospital.

How to build your online presence with MARHAM?

Those doctors who find themselves lost in the midst of long patient lines and no time to invest in personal profiling, the application can do so for you! With the large influx of daily appointments, having your doctor’s profile at MARHAM can ensure that a maximum number of patients can gain access to you in your field and book an appointment instantly. Furthermore, you can actively participate in the forum to answer the queries patients might be posting in your specialized field. Increasing your popularity amongst the patient base will positively influence your growth in the field, making you their hero.

So, are you ready to become a 5-star doctor at MARHAM? Register now!

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