Are You Fat or just Bloated?

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After a heavy meal, have you ever felt that your stomach is so full that you can’t even sit perfectly? It’s because you are bloated and now your stomach is full of fluid or gas. Bloating in your body is a temporary condition usually caused by certain foods that take longer to digest such as Cabbage, Onions, and Sprout etc.

People often confuse Belly fat with bloated body. One can differentiate between the two easily. Bloating occurs due to overeating or eating too quickly. At times, It occurs due to the excess intake of salt that retain more water in a stomach.

However Belly fat is different, it is stubborn, it develops gradually and getting rid of it is hard. Belly fat incurs due to the intake of excess calories and it’s more hazardous to health when compared to bloating. A person with more belly fat is prone to chronic diseases like Heart attack, High blood pressure, Diabetes etc

Difference between belly fat and bloated stomach

  • Tightness of the stomach

In order to differentiate between belly fat and stomach, one can apply pressure to the abdominal region. If abdomen appears to be tight and hard, it’s most probably because of bloating. However, if a person presses his/her stomach and feels it to be soft and spongy enough to grasp more than one inch of a stomach then it’s definitely deposited fat.


  • Consistency of swelling

A belly fat of a person is stubborn and it remains visible all the time, whereas bloated stomach is intermittent, a person might feel flat stomach in the morning while feeling bloated after a meal or throughout the day.

  • Feeling of Discomfort or Pain

If a person body is bloated with extra fluid or gas he/she might faces pain or cramps. However belly fat doesn’t cause any pain or discomfort.

Feeling of Discomfort or Pain

  • Examination of Stomach

A person can do self-examination of his/her stomach area. If swelling is located to one area mainly stomach than its bloating but if a person notices small bulges of fat deposits near stomach, thighs or around hip than its because of deposition of fats. Bloating is localized however fat is widespread. If you are a victim of some gut complications by Marham you can take online advice by the best gastroenterologist in Lahore, Karachi and other main cities of Pakistan as well.

Either it’s a bloating or excess belly fat, a healthy lifestyle can help you get rid of both. Do a 30 minute walk, take healthy diet and you are good to go.

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