Are you Tired of Glasses and Contacts?

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Weak eyesight is a commonly observed fact these days and people learn to live with it. It’s a common perception that eyesight cannot be corrected which is a huge misunderstanding. Here we are familiarizing you with a  miraculous procedure LASIK. It can change your life by giving you that long forgotten crisp vision back. YES, YOU CAN GET RID OF GLASSES! All this without having to poke your eyes for contacts fitting or to have a pair of glasses perched on your nose.

LASIK is a short form of Laser in situ keratomileuses a well-known surgery when it comes to eyesight correction in cases of nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. LASIK surgery involves reshaping of the cornea. So that light passing through it can be focused precisely on retina present in the back of the eye. You can find the best doctors for LASIK Eye Surgery in Pakistan through


Benefits of LASIK:

Below are some of the prominent benefits of this eye-treatment:
  • LASIK surgery being around for some 25 years is a well researched and well-established procedure by now. 96% of patients undergoing LASIK report to have their desired vision after the procedure.
  • It is an almost painless procedure with very little discomfort thab=nks to the numbing drops used in the procedure.
  • Results are evident readily just a day after this procedure you can feel a clear improvement in your eyesight.
  • No bandages and stitches involved.
  • As you age vision may change but this can also be augmented by adjustments made by your eye specialist. To find the best eye specialist in Karachi, Lahore or any other main city of Pakistan visit
  • After LASIK most people have decreased dependence on glasses and contact lenses and many just don’t need these anymore.

Disadvantages of LASIK:

Rarely some disadvantages may appear. Like:
  • As with any surgery, LASIK is also a complex and intricate procedure. Permanent changes in vision may occur when the surgeon creates a flap. You have to be very specific about the surgeon you choose for LASIK. Only go for a highly experienced surgeon with the developed repo. you can find the best eye surgeons in Lahore or any other main city of Pakistan via
  • Sometimes LASIK may result in loss of your best vision which is the vision you achieve with aid of glasses or contacts.
To prevent any undesired alterations in eyesight don’t miss your follow up appointments.
Now that you know your options are you still sticking to that pair of glasses?

Prof. Dr. Aurangzeb Shaikh:

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