Australia Praises Pakistan For Handling COVID19 Well

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ISLAMABAD October 13, 2020: The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan had a conversation with the Prime Minister of Australia Scott Morrison over the telephone on Monday. During the conversation, both of the prime ministers discussed the bilateral and international issues which were of mutual interest.

According to the prime minister of Australia, how Pakistan handled this pandemic, despite being a developing country, is remarkable. The government of Pakistan, after the complete lockdown was lifted, worked on a strategy which was The ‘smart lockdown’ which proved to be a lot helpful. Moreover, other precautionary measures were also taken by the government which led to significant containment of the COVID19 pandemic in Pakistan.

Apart from the pandemic, Prime Minister Imran Khan discussed how the developing countries are suffering from the immense adverse economic impact of COVID19. In the conversation, he also invited the Australian prime minister to visit Pakistan at an early date.

Not to forget, in this subcontinent and as compared to all other developing countries, Pakistan is amongst those who have handled the pandemic well enough to be beyond other’s expectations. Strategies put by the government has undoubtedly worked against the coronavirus situation. COVID19 second wave is just at the brink, let’s be responsible and focus on how to not hit the peak again. Stay home, Stay safe, Keep others safe!

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