Author: Iqra Umair

Iqra Umair

She has been working as a freelance writer for over three years with a varying variety of genres which she specializes in. Her work has been published on different sites where she intelligently balances information with the SEO needs of the content. Apart from writing web content, she has also written multiple e-books and is currently working on her personal e-book for Kindle. Having an IT background from Quality Assurance adds impeccable quality and finesse to all the work that she produces which is always fun and enlightening to read. To learn more about her insight on various medical conditions, keep following her on

4 Most Common Gastric Surgeries

3 Most Common Gastric Surgeries


Reading Time: 3 minutes

The digestive tract is a complex system which can be deranged by an unhealthy diet, diseases, and even stress. The main function of the digestive system is to help the body in absorbing the food...

Home Remedies for Urticaria

5 Home Remedies for Urticaria (Hives)


Reading Time: 4 minutes

Have you ever had red bumps that were itchy and raised out of nowhere? If yes, then you have already experienced Urticaria or Hives. Hives startle you by appearing suddenly on your skin. They are...

Home Pregnancy Tests

7 Home Pregnancy Tests to Try Out


Reading Time: 4 minutes

The presence of the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone (HCG), also called the pregnancy hormone, can be indicated by the home pregnancy test in urine samples of women. During pregnancy, increasing amounts of hCG are produced...

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