Author: Umair Aslam

look bad in glasses

“Do I really look bad in glasses…?”


If we notice the pronoun “I” in there, it’s that silent, inward, apprehensive voice of somebody who is still giving so much of thinking, to the reality that how would he be appearing to the world, in something absolutely new for himself, which is actually something as small as a...

Flu home remedies

How should I handle flu through Home Remedies?


Influenza is a common disease in the world and every person in this world has faced it definitely many times in the life. Due to this common disease, a common name of flu has been given to it. It is actually a viral disease in which your respiratory system effects....

Sore throat home remedies

How do you handle Sore Throat at your home?


“Do you have experience of sore throat?” is the stupid question as almost all the people have this worst experience in all phases of life. The symptoms of this pain start too early, but when our attentions move towards it, the problem has been established and now you have to...

Munching in between meals

Does Munching In Between Meals Help or Harm Us


For decades nutritionists have been telling us to graze rather than stuffing up our tummies. They said graze, that meant eat little and often in order to keep our energy levels and avoid overeating unhealthy foods. The worst part about grazing is that a lot of people ignore the little...

Child's Eyesight is weak

Did you realize Your Child’s Eyesight is weak?


“But Ma’am, apart from all that we, from the school, would be working at, I strongly suggest you to take Aleena at least once, for an eye check-up. Many of her teachers, including me, have been observing that she faces quite a lot of difficulty in reading from the blackboard,...

compromising on breakfasts

What have I learned by compromising on breakfasts?


Skipping or compromising on breakfasts these days has become very common among youngsters, comparatively among the youth of most countries. The Definitions of breakfast varies from culture to culture. In most cultures and settings it refers to skipping a morning meal at home. Breakfast skipping in youths has been associated...