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Questions Asked by Members

Vaginal Fungal Infection

Q. Having vaginal fungal infection with foul smell and discharge, using Canesten & sudo-cream at night sleep time when a lot of itching too in sleep. I have already taken 3-day course of 375 mg antibiotics course & took zertel too to eliminate piles possibility. But, no cure still in hand. Which test should I go for & medications too?

A. For piles: Make sure u don’t have constipation. For fungal infection: You don’t take an antibiotic, as it worsens the conditions. Take Canesten 1 every week, 3 doses. Today, next Thursday, then other Thursday.
Get fasting blood sugar checked.

Mid Cycle Spotting

Q. What can be the reason behind bloody mucus during days of ovulation, which may continue for 4 days?

A. Mid-cycle pain and spotting sometimes are taken as very normal. Stay Calm & eat well.

Cerclage Stich

Q. How to avoid cerclage stitch?

A. If you want to have a care-free pregnancy, please get a cerclage otherwise you have to be in bed to avoid pre-term expulsion of the fetus.

Cost For An Intra-uterine Insemination?

Q. Is there any treatment for the anti-sperm antibody? What is the general cost for an intra-uterine insemination?

A. Just go to an infertility center and find out.

Light & Scanty Periods

Q. Are light and scanty periods not ok?

A. No, it’s normal.

How Much Gap Is Preferred After A C-Section Delivery?

Q. I had an emergency C-section last year in November, I developed an infection after a week, my doctor here advised me a 12-month gap before getting pregnant. What is the best time gap between babies as I want to have another baby soon, though I developed a forever back pain after delivery? I am 29 years old.

A. 1-year gap is good.

Heavy Dose Medication & Disturbed Period

Q. I’m 35 years old married and one daughter. I had hand surgery in November 2016. After that, I was on heavy dose medicines because of pain till one month 14 medicines a day because of that my cycle got disturbed & periods comes but their flow is very less and in 9 months I gained a lot of weight. What should I do?

A. Eat wise & good. Do different exercises & get your TVC done. Get back to me with reports.

PCOS & Having Blackish Pigmentation Issue

Q. I’m having PCOS with weight gain. I also suspecting blackish pigmentation on my underarms, neck area & under thighs.
A. Reduce your weight. Take neodipar 500mg twice a day.

Can I Have VBAC?

Q. I had C-section 7 months back done by famous consultant of Lahore who belongs to PTI. I want next delivery normal. How much should be gap to avoid C-section. I can’t wait for long as I have PCO also .Kindly tell minimum time for VBAC.

A: Wait for at least 1year.

Trying to Conceive

Q. I’m trying to conceive third time but not yet succeeded, weight is 83 Had D&C too I faced first time, height 5.3.

A. Get a tubal patency test along with TORCH, TSH & serum insulin, fasting blood sugar and get back to me with reports.

What Should I Eat After My C-Section,While My Baby is Constipating?

Q. After c section, what type of food I should eat for the health of my baby. Can I drink fresh red anar juice? My baby suffers constipation & pain in her belly, what is the cause of it? Plus, whenever my baby cries, a little blood comes from her belly button. What can be the reason?

A. Eat everything. All fluid, including anaar juice for your baby’s constipation and umbilical problem. Please visit a good child specialist soon.

Vaginal Prolapse

Q. How to cure vaginal prolapse?

A. If desire more babies, and the prolapse is not complete, a ring can be inserted till the family is complete and then repair can be advised, but if repair needs to be done right away due to complete utero-vaginal prolapse, following the repair all pregnancies should be delivered by an elective C-section.

Contraceptive Pills

Q. Which contraceptive pills are good?

A. While it may be quite safe to take a ‘Contraceptive pill’ overall, it is certainly not 100% safe and without side effects. Since, birth control pills usually interferes or hinder with hormonal activity, the risks and side effects range from very serious to minor that may include, stroke, blood clots, weight gain or irregular periods etc. So, it’s better to use a condom!

For good medical advice regarding best contraceptive way, ask your gynecologist. She shall suggest this as per your health requirements.

Iron Deficiency

Q. How do I quickly increase my HB level, if I have Iron deficneincy?

A. Eat food containing iron and some supplements.

Conceiving Issue With Regular Periods

Q. I have a 6 years daughter & trying 2 conceive from last 3 years but not succeed, what should i do? I have never ever have any periods issue, 3-4 times i have complicated pregnancy symptoms but last day of completing 1 month my periods start with heavy bleeding, what will u recommend?

A. Get a TPT Blood Test (thrombocytopenic purpura), TSH, Failed back syndrome fasting blood sugar (FBS) ,Serum Insulin, , S-Prolactin test done. Get back with Reports.

Best Contraceptive Method

Q. Best contraception method which has no side effects?

A. While it may be quite safe to take a ‘Contraceptive pill’ overall, it is certainly not 100% safe and without side effects. Since, birth control pills usually interfere or hinder with hormonal activity, the risks and side effects range from very serious to minor, the most serious of which include the increased risk of stroke or blood clots. The risk of cancer with the pill is less, but some studies have showed that there is an increased risk of certain types of cancer.

However, other more recent studies showed that there may be a decreased risk of cancer, so this is an area where still more studies are needed. Some women may also experience weight gain and decreased libido while on the pill, among many other minor side effects. On the other hand, Condoms are overall very safe. There are few risks involved with using a condom. So, it is more exceptional to Use Condoms as a Contraceptive method. For good medical advice regarding best contraceptive way, ask your gynecologist. She shall suggest this as per your health requirements.

Irregular Periods From 2 Months

Q. I have period issue from last 2 month. They only come for 2 days with leg pain. Is this because of Hormonal Imbalance?

A. It could be. If it prolongs get investigations.


Q. I have fibroids, guide about this.

A. Fibroids are the most frequently seen tumors of the female reproductive system. While it is not clearly known what causes fibroids, it is believed that each tumor develops from an aberrant muscle cell in the uterus, which multiplies rapidly because of the influence of estrogen. Some women who have fibroids have no symptoms, or have only mild symptoms, while other women have more severe, disruptive symptoms.

The following are the most common symptoms for uterine fibroids, however, each individual may experience symptoms differently. Symptoms of uterine fibroids may include:

    • Heavy or prolonged menstrual periods
    • Abnormal bleeding between menstrual periods
    • Pelvic pain (caused as the tumor presses on pelvic organs)
    • Pain during intercourse
    • Frequent urination
    • Low back pain
    • A firm mass, often located near the middle of the pelvis, which can be felt by the physician.

Pile Problem

Q. I’m suffering from a serious issue. Every time I go to washroom I found blood with the stool. I also have pain.

A. Go and see a good surgeon.

C-Section & PCOS

Q. After C-section in March 2017, my bleeding is not fully stopped yet it’s on &off with heavy flow. Also, having PCOS with small fibroids. What should be the treatment & reason?

A. Get a Trans-vaginal ultrasound (TVS) first and then you might be put on cyclical hormones or OCPs (oral contraceptive pills).

Fastened Tubes & Conceiving

Q. I just wanted to ask that the tubes which we sewed during operation. Can with the fasten tubes, can we be pregnant again? Is there any chance to conceived with fastened tubes?

A. Yes, you may be conceives, but it need much expertise & guaranteed. Instead, I would prefer you opt for

Constipation After C-Section

Q. I’m taking Duphalac but when I skip I face constipation. Any long term solution? I don’t want to be on this syrup always.

A. Drink warm water with honey, figs, green vegetables, salads, plenty of fluids, walk and use espaghol.

Umbilical Hernia & C-Section

Q. After my C-section 3 years ago, I have umbilical hernia. I can’t do much physical work otherwise my belly swells and become painful. I can’t do exercise too. I want to reduce my weight but not successful with just reduced diet, tell me anything that could help me without going for surgery.

A. Reduce your weight. Stitch your lips. But, Reduce weight and see a surgeon, if the hernia is big, it needs to be repaired.

What Major Problems A Mother Could Face During High Sugar Level in Pregnancy?

Q. What is the major problem a mother to be or a child has to face due to slightly high sugar level at the time of delivery?

A. The newborn baby born to a diabetic mother can have a severe hypoglycemia and fits therefore a very well controlled blood sugar is advised during pregnancy and delivery. Baby can be of big size and can have an intrauterine death or a fresh stillbirth. Therefore, it is crucially essential to have a strict monitoring to all diabetic mothers having regular fasting blood sugar.

Pcos & Hypothroidism

Q. I want to know proper treatment for hypothyroidism & PCOS.

A. For PCOS, take Glucophage and thyroxin. For doses, you have to visit a good endocrinologist.

Frequent Abortion Due to no Baby Growth

Q. I had conceived for 6 to 7 times, but eventually my baby’s growth stops & I have to go for an abortion. What can be the reason?

A. Get your toxoplasmosis, rubella cytomegalovirus, herpes simplex, and HIV (TORCH), TSH, Serum Insulin, fasting blood sugar (FBS) done. Get back with reports.

Fertility Problem

Q. My reports are normal taking folic acid tablets 500mg, than changed doctors 2-3 times. But, still waiting to get conceived. What kind of tests should I do? Married 2.5 years.

A. Get Semen analysis of your husband after three days of abstinence from a very good lab.

Can Having A Gap Between Kids Can Cause Further Complications?

Q. I have 2 daughters. Elder one is 2 years & younger one is 6 months. After how many gap should i may conceives? I also heard that pregnancy after a long gap could get complicated. Is it so?

A. No. Stay calm!

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Irregular Periods With Weight Gain, PCOS & Hypothyroidism

Q. My periods are very irregular, they came for 3 to 3 day & only when I use washrooms. Menstrual discharge is also very dark in color. What can be the reason?

Q. Talk about irregular periods reasons with weight gain and trouble in conceiving?

Q. Please talk about PCOS & Hypothyroidism in details.

Q. I have irregular periods problem. And, gain weight like someone fill the air in my body.

Q. I have PCOS and irregular cycles that is once or twice a year. Do tell as no medicine helps in regulating my cycle.

Breast Cancer Awareness

Q. Please talk about breast cancer awareness.

Vaginal Discharge Treatment

Q. What is the permanent treatment of vaginal discharge?

How to Avoid Ectopic Pregnancy?

Q. What is the reason of ectopic pregnancy and how can we avoid it? I had ectopic pregnancy and ended with right surgery and right tube removal. Suggest me something so it can be avoid in future.

What Can be the Reason of Miscarriages?

Q. I had 2 miscarriages, in which growth & heart beat were the main issues. My question is, why this had happened & which test or treatment should we need for a better pregnancy?

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