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IUCD, Irregular Menstrual Cycle with Body Ache

Q: I delivered my daughter in February, this is my 3rd child. My previous 2 deliveries were very smooth. But, this time my doctor recommended coil (IUCD). Now, I have severe pain in my body & I’m also facing an irregular menstrual period with the reddish discharge after the end of my periods. What can be the reason?

A: Either remove the IUCD or get it checked one more time by your gynecologist. The best thing for you is to ask your husband to do contraception (condoms) & Get your CBC done.

PCOs & Weight Gain

Q: I’m having PCOs, my question is, are PCOs can be the cause of my weight gain? I’m using medication, but my weight uncontrolled.

A: It could happen only due to eating. You should change your lifestyle.

Infertility & Egg Formation Slowed Down

Q: My daughter, married for 14 years. She is having infertility issues. She showed her reports to many doctors, reports were all clear & ok. But, now they said that it’s hard for you to get pregnant because the process of formation of your eggs is slowed down. Is it true Or is there any treatment still available?

A: Has she used any ovulation-stimulating medicine? If yes, then for how long. Or, had she gone through any treatment? Which doctor your daughter is consulting?

Post-C-section with Disturbed Menstrual Cycle

Q: I had my C-section 4 months ago. Currently, my menstrual cycle is disturbed. I am having slight spotting on every 10th day along with the pain on right side of my abdomen, especially at night. What should I do?

A: Get your TVS, trans-vaginal scan done. And, if this pain persists, get a KUB ultrasound along with the detailed urine test.

Vaginal Infection with a Foul Smell

Q: I’ m suffering from a severe type of vaginal infection with foul smell & whitish discharge. I have been using several creams & capsules also but not completely cured. What can be the reason?

A: If you are unmarried, then you need to go for on for double antibiotic medications. If not, then please get your husband checked also, he may be the carrier of the infection. Get treated together.

Fish Oil Capsules in Early Pregnancy

Q: Can we take fish oil supplements in early pregnancy or before conceiving? Please share a good brand.

A: Why do you need to take a supplement? Eat fish. Eat everything. Stay healthy.


Q: I have PCOs, yet not conceived. Last 4 years I generate full-size follicles with medicine and I also have IVF injections but no progress, both tubes are open and husband report is also OK. What’s the reason?

A: For how many cycles, stimulation has been done? You might need a little more invasive help like IUI.

How to Have Twin Babies?

Q: I have 2 kids (a boy 5 year and a girl 6-year-old). My husband wants twins now. Can you suggest how medically it is possible?

A: (rolling eyes) it’s a tall order.

PCOs & Conceiving Issue

Q: I have a baby 2.5 years old. I conceived in very first months of getting married but I had PCOS and took Diane 35 3 months course twice before getting married. Now I am struggling hard to conceive again for a 2nd baby. I have been taking on gyne prescription Glucophage 500 mg twice a day n folic acid once a day since January and its Oct no improvement in PCOS and have not conceived yet even. I am 26 years old & weigh 57 kgs. Please advise, if this treatment is right?

A: Get a tubal patency test along with a fresh TVs, Serum insulin, TSH. Get back to me with your reports. Continue taking Glucophage & folic acid for PCOs treatment.

Irregular Menstrual Cycle

Q: I am 22 years old, unmarried girl. I have irregular mensuration problem. I have done many courses of treatment but all in vain. My younger sister also have this problem, my mother had this same problem when she was unmarried & after marriage, she conceived early then everything went smooth. So, I’m a bit concern about my future. I would be very grateful to you if you solve my problem.

A: You will be fine after the wedding, don’t worry. Get a pelvic ultrasound done and get back with reports.

Low Sexual Desire

Q: I’ m married since 3 years and having 2 babies via normal delivery. My problem is, I have lost my libido or orgasm after my first baby. I’m being very depressed these days due to this issue, I’m very much concern. Kindly answer.

A: Do different exercises. Get good and healthy food. Take a shower every night, play good music, use a good perfume (create a romantic atmosphere).

Should I Avoid Milk in PCOS?

Q: I have been told that women with PCO should avoid milk and dairy products. Is it so? And if yes, how to deal with tiredness and bones pain which is due to calcium and vitamin D deficiency?

A: No. You should eat whatever you want. Just eat in right proportions.

Complicated Pregnancies

Q: Are pregnancies differ & get complicated every time? I had 4 worse pregnancy experiences. In first 2, I had high blood pressure & in 4th, I had diabetes and BP side by side. It is due to the ruptured placenta in last week of the 8th month, I lost my child. Now I have 3 daughters, and I want to conceive again. But, I’m scared a bit. Please answer what should I do?

A: What is the age of your last kid? It is very sad to hear. You can conceive, but make sure you register with an authentic gynecologist. You can also book an appointment with me if you are in Karachi.

Problem in Conceiving Again

Q: My age is 28, weighs 74 kg. I’m a lactating mother. My baby is almost 11 month. I’m having PCOS since 2004, I conceived for the first time with Clomid. I am living with my husband in KSA. My question is, now as I am again trying to conceive, but periods are irregular & test is negative. Should I again see a doctor for treatment?

A: If you are lactating, it’s better to wait.

Edward Syndrome Child & Complicated Pregnancies

Q: After My first daughter, I had a pregnancy. In which, due to water bag eruption baby got aborted. My doctor said that your baby was weak & his lungs were not producing water. Then, after 7 months, I again conceived, I end up having an Edward Syndrome Child & lost my child. He had multiple issues, for which the 8 months ultrasound report showed that the baby is not complete & he had one heart chamber, which is weak. Now, my question is, is this problem remain same with all of my future pregnancies If I conceive? My gynecologist suggested me to have gap & said this is a genetic problem. What should I do?

A: Gap and meet Dr. Rukhsana if possible, bring all your reports.

Body Ache after C-section

Q: I had a C-section with general anesthesia with no epidural. My baby is now 1.5 years old, but I’m still feeling pain in legs backbone and hips. I’m suffering from stomach ache after my baby, due to which I cannot sit for long period of time. What can be the reason for this kind of pain? I’m 29 years old. Weight is 70 kg.

A: Get a CBC done and vitamin D level + TSH thyroid stimulating hormone. Start Capsule fefolvit once a day, Tablet chewcal twice a day. For pain, you can take anything.

Liquid Discharge from Breasts, While Not Breastfeeding

Q: What can be the cause of liquid discharge from the breast after 2 years of childbirth? I breastfeed my baby for only 4 months.

A: Get tablet Parlodel 2.5 mg. Start with ½ tablet every night for 3 days, then ½ in morning, ½ evening for 3 days and then 1 morning & 1 in evening for 10 days.

Trying to Conceive BUT All In Vain

Q: I’m married since 3 years and trying to conceive but all in vain. I had a miscarriage 16 months ago. Now again I want to conceive. My age is 22, taking folic acid. What should I do to conceive again?

A: Get a tubal patency test, serum prolactin, TSH, and TVs. Get back to me with your reports.

PCOS & Conceiving

Q: I’m a PCOS patient & taking Daine 35 along with Glucophage 500mg. I have also completed a 5-day course of Clomid this month, followed by myfol, surbex Z. Today is my 14th day. I want to know about most fertile days to conceive.

A:  You don’t know that? Who gave you Clomid, without telling you most fertile days?

Monthly Period Cramps & Slowed Activity

Q: I’m an 18 years old girl who is facing periods cramps monthly. They are so bad that I can’t function properly for 3 days. My weight is not even increasing, it is 35 kg.

A: Get a pelvic ultrasound done and get back.

Uterus Removal Precautions

Q: My mother’s uterus has been removed. So, what kind of precautions should she take?

A: No precautions needed. Get a checkup after every 6 months. Give her calcium and vitamin supplements.

Pre-Menstrual Syndrome & Severe Cramps

My periods in my teens were very regular and lasted five days with the 2ND day very heavy and 1ST was heavy and last 3 were with low flow and it would end on the 5th day. No cramps nothing.

Q: In the twenties, I am 26 now. Currently, my periods are three days. It had gone down to 1 and ½ day last year and I got my iron levels checked and it was 10.8 so I took Sangobion for months and it got in normal range. However, this June it was at the border of lower range again. I take an iron supplement at times like once in three days or so to avoid iron deficiency. Problem is My periods are three days and irregular to a range of around 5 days approx. And having severe cramps on the first day. I also would have depression for a week before they start. Is this normal?

A: You have the pre-menstrual syndrome, Do exercise, yoga, be physically active. Do different relaxing exercises & also get a pelvic ultrasound done and get back to me with the report. Stay Calm.

Irregular Periods & Weight Gain

Q: My youngest son is 10 years old since last ten years I’m facing problems in periods, as just for one or two days. Maximum I’ll have my periods 3 days, this has increased my weight. Whenever I take any herbal medicine for this it cures for sometimes & my weight got reduced. But, again I face this problem. I’m 40 years old.

A: Get a pelvic ultrasound along with a fasting blood sugar, TSH, Serum insulin, CBC, Vitamin D level done. And, get back to me with your reports.

Small Cyst In Ovaries

Q: My daughter has a very small cyst in the ovary. My doctor says no problem it will disappear itself. Are these cysts not serious? My daughter is 16.

A: There is Nothing to worry, leave her alone.

No Periods After Child Birth

Q: I got my c-sec on 13TH July and had a period during that 40 days and the baby was on both feed that time. But, a month ago my feed slowed down. Now, the baby is only on formula. I also have no periods after 40 days of childbirth. Is this normal?

A: Get a beta HCG done.

Stones In Gall Bladder

Q: I’m having diastasis recti issue. I also have stones in gallbladder after my first child and they were diagnosed later when I conceived my second. I had my second child 2 months ago via c section.

A: Get your stones treated.

Less Menstrual Period Flow

Q: I am married for 1 & half year now weight 44, age 25. I am having periods regularly but it’s only for 3 days. I would like to ask you will I have any problem in pregnancy, also is it okay to have periods for 3 days according to my weight?

A: It’s okay

What Test Should Be Taken Before Conceiving Again After A D&C?

Q: If a person had to have D&C as the babies growth had stopped, what tests should be done before conceiving again? Please note the person has had a case of chemical pregnancy before the D&C. Many thanks!**

A: Get a TORCH test was done that includes toxoplasmosis, rubella cytomegalovirus, herpes simplex & HIV along with TSH. Get back to me with reports.

Conceiving at 35 years, What Are The Risk Factors?

Q: Is this true that after 35, a woman has more chances of conceiving a not-so-healthy baby? Can be abnormalities, disabilities, more chances of miscarriages?

A: Yes, maybe. If this is your first child.

How can I Prepare Myself For A Good Pregnancy?

Q: What are some things a woman can do before conceiving to prepare her body, in terms of her diet, vitamins, exercise?

A: Eat everything & healthy. You can take Vitamin E along with folic acid. Do regular exercise like walk & yoga. Stay calm.

Blood Thinner Injection & Delivery

Q: What precautions should be taken by one who is taking blood thinner injections and tabs at the time of delivery?

A: 15 days before your delivery, you should stop everything after notifying your doctor. Otherwise, u will be bleeding.

Hyperemesis Gravudium & Future Pregnancies

Q: I know there is no cure for hyperemesis gravudium leading to organ damage but what can be done to prevent it in next pregnancy?

A: Take small frequent diets. Also, take tab Navidoxine at night during pregnancy.

Extroverted Uterus & Fibroids

Q: My weight is stuck due to PCOS, insulin resistance, also having gallbladder stone. Can I get pregnant with Extroverted uterus & fibroids?

A: Maybe, but you need help and monitoring.

Irregular Periods At 12 Age

Q: I wanted to discuss my daughter, she is 12 years old started menarche 4 months back. Last month she had her periods for 12 days and after 5 days again she started having it. She is so disturbed and so am i. Is this Normal or I should get her checked or if she needs multivitamins etc. Please let me know.

A: Its normal as for 1 year till her ovaries start functioning normally. She will have her periods, which are irregular, frequent and disturbing. This is a time when her growth is spurting so I do not advise any hormonal treatment at all. Just check for symptoms. Talk with her. Tell her this going to be okay <3 Give her good food, healthy diet. Take her to a physician for re-assurance. Previous Ectopic Pregnancy History & I want To Conceive Again.

Q: I have C-section one month before & had an ectopic pregnancy. My left tube removed. Now, I have pain in lift side also feel too much weakness and backache. Is this possible to conceive easily with one tube I have 2 miscarriages also due to weak baby growth in 2 month? I have a 5-year daughter. Give some advice.

A: Yes, you can have more babies but right now concentrate on recovering. Have space between this ectopic and new pregnancy. Please get your TORCH (toxoplasmosis, rubella cytomegalovirus, herpes simplex & HIV), TSH, and fasting blood sugar done before conceiving again. Stay Blessed & Calm.

PCOs & Baby Planning

Q: Is this true, that if you have PCOS, you should plan your 2nd or 3rd baby without gap? **

A: At least, I would prefer to give 1 years space between each pregnancy

How To Get Rid Of Irregular Periods?

Q: I’m facing irregular period issues & spotting after my period’s end. This increases the gap for 4 -5 days & continues for around 15 days. I’m taking medication to stop my periods. I’m depressed. Please help.

A: Get your TVS, Serum insulin, TSH done. Get back to me with reports.

No Periods & No Pregnancy

Q: My sister is 24 years. She is married since 6 months. She has pain in lower abdomen. And her menstrual cycle is ok but this month its 20 days with no periods & pregnancy test is negative. What should she do?

A: Get a TVS & Beta HCG done.

Pain Killer Vs Infertility

Q: Is taking painkillers during periods a cause of infertility?

A: NO.

Cervical Cancer Vaccine For A 9 Year Girl

Q: I want to ask about the vaccine for cervical cancer. Is it necessary and effective? My daughter is nine year’s old. Should she be vaccinated?

A: Talk to her pediatrician.

C-Section Which Is Followed By Weight Gain & Hormonal Imbalance

Q: After My C-section, I put on weight & hormonal imbalance followed by glands issue around my neck. However, the main concern area is that I feel fatigued almost all the time and my BP remains really low like 50/30, 90/50 etc. This goes worse after My meal. This has made me lifeless

A: Get your TSH, fasting blood sugar, random blood sugar ( one and a half hour after a full meal). Get your CBC done & get to me with reports.

Which Test is Best To Counsel PCOS?

Q: I recently learned about PCOs, now I’m in doubt that I might have it or not because 2 symptoms (weight gain and no or irregular periods) which I have suspected in me. Please, suggest any test, so I can resolve my confusion.

A: Get your Pelvic ultrasound and serum insulin done. Get back with reports.

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Irregular Periods

My age is 36, married for 12 years & have 3 kids (12 years 10 years then 8 years). After having children, I had three abortions, of which 2 were with DNC and another one with medication. Then, the doctor suggested me to take Clomid & Lezra, from which I did not conceive. Currently, my periods are being badly disturbed, first 4 days I bleed normal then begin with brownish discharge on 9th to 13th day. Then, I consulted Dr. Parveen kanji, she prescribed me Neodipar with Thyroxin. My TSH was 3.9, maybe this could be the possible reason of irregular periods. Now, It’s been one year, I visited another doctor. She prescribed me Yaz Contraceptive pill, now my periods are all fine until & unless I’m taking Yaz. What can be the possible reason of irregular period cycle

A: You should continue taking Yaz for at least 3 years. It’ll help regulate your cycle. Please get a fresh trans-vaginal done & serum insulin too and get back to me with your reports.

Q: Is it ok to discharge white for an unmarried girl, which may continue for 4-5 days in a week?

A: This is completely normal. For more information about vaginal discharge, watch our live session with Dr. Rukhsana Tariq.

Lower Abdominal Pain With Constipation

Q: l often feel lower abdominal pain (like mostly we feel during periods) along with pain in legs. I have chronic constipation as well. My mother passed away due to ovarian cancer. My age is 39. Which tests should I go for? I live in Riyadh.

Repeated Miscarriages & Incompetent Cervix

Q: I want to know about repeated miscarriage & incompetent cervix. Does D&C make it hard to conceive again? What should be done for the person who has low HCG (not detectable at home but gets detected in beta HCG) when she conceives.

Frequent Miscarriages & Fetal Loss

Q: Please highlight frequent miscarriages and fetal loss in late trimesters.

PCOs & Trouble In Conceiving

Q: I have PCOs, but many time with medicine I generate proper egg and I also take IVF injections but no pregnancy. My questions is why egg and sperm cannot meet my both tubes open and husband report also OK, is it possible my mature follicles have now grown?

Does Evion Helps In Conceiving

Q: I want to ask if evion helps in conceiving


Q: Please discuss menorrhagia.

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