Excessive Clothing can be Fatal for babies – 5 Underlying Reasons

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Winters, the cold season always frighten mothers and they try to cover up specifically babies into layers and layers to protect from cold. It is necessary to keep kids warm but over covering can be dangerous even lethal. Yes, it is true, over covering can leads to cot death in winters. Read following words to know how it happens?

Under Developed Thermoregulation :

Little ones do not have a properly developed system of thermoregulation. They cannot regulate little changes of temperature and heat accurately. So little but immediate change in temperature may be dangerous for them and can cause sudden death.

Over Covering causes Overheating:

Over covering arises the situation just like the heat stroke. The body heat suddenly arises which may cause speedy blood flow which the little ones are unable to bear. This high blood flow negatively affects the heart and brain of the baby and can cause a heart attack or brain hemorrhage.

Salts and Fluids go Away:

In many layers of clothes salts and fluids of the kid’s body may also eliminate slowly due to sweating. This may be little but enough for developing babies as they cannot cope with little changes. So if you notice the sweating of your baby in the layers of clothes immediately remove some of them. If you find baby breathing shallow immediately consult with a child specialist. To find the best child specialist in Lahore visit Marham.

Increase in Carbon Dioxide Levels:

Extra layers of the clothes make the proper ventilation difficult especially during the sleep. If the little one is sleeping with extra clothes there is a chance that he may be pooled by high carbon dioxide. High carbon dioxide levels cause breathing impossible and lead to the death of little one.

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Re-Breathing may Happen:

Re-breathing is the situation when the child takes his released carbon dioxide back into lungs instead of oxygen. This usually happens when you left the baby in over covering for a long time and he may silently die in the cot.

Now you know how your protection can go wrong. So keep these things in mind and dress the baby appropriately.

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