Breast Cancer and It’s Symptoms

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Breast cancer is a disease in which the cells in the breast are formed at an abnormal level, and it gets difficult for the body to control them. These cells form a tumor or are felt as a lump on the breast. Mostly, cancer takes place in the ducts in which milk is flowing towards nipples. According to the World Health Organization report around 50,8000 women died due to breast cancer in 2011. Due to the widespread of the disease, the pink ribbon movement was initiated. The pink ribbon represents breast cancer, and the primary purpose of it is to raise awareness in people. So, the victims can catch the illness before time and prevent it.

Below, we have discussed symptoms of breast cancer, if the condition is critical, consult the best oncologist immediately;

1. Lump

This first and most prominent symptom is the formation of a lump under the armpit or the breast. These lumps are caused by swelling of lymph nodes. These lymph nodes swell when they are blocking certain virus or infection that is flowing in the body. If a person feels a lump in the described area, they should consult a doctor immediately. Lumps can be shown in the mammogram way before they are physically felt.

2. Pain

Sometimes in the case of breast cancer, the person experiences pain in their chest. However, lumps are mostly painless, but sometimes pain and tenderness is felt on the breast. Sometimes, there is a change in the texture of the skin, which has a marble-like sensation in some portion of the breast. It is an alarming situation, and the person should contact the doctor immediately.

3. Any Change In Breast

If there is any change in color, size, temperature, and texture of the breast, it means that it is alarming and the person should consult it with the doctor. In some cases, the skin color becomes like orange peel, which looks a bit reddish is considered as an advanced form of breast cancer. This condition is also considered as Piaget disease, in any case, the person should go to the doctor.

4. Uncommon Discharge

If there is an abnormal discharge like blood or any other color, which is uncommon, the individual should go to the doctor. It is an implication caused by cancer or any other illness, which should be checked on time. A thorough personalized check up to the breast area is important for everyone.

5. Any Change In Nipples

If there is a change in nipple going inwards, a dip, itchy, tingly, or burning feeling should be taken seriously. Any change in the nipples should be considered as a serious issue; self-examination is also vital. Nipples are considered a very sensitive portion of the breast, and they are effected at the initial stages. Kindly, consult a doctor in such situations.

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