Brush And Floss For Perfectly Clean Teeth

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Keeping your teeth clean and gums healthy has effects that are beyond a beautiful smile. Are you someone who believes too much in fortune believing that

“When fortune turns against you even jelly can break your teeth!”

If that is so Marham would like to wake you up from this lazy dream. Maintain good oral health is crucial to how healthy you are in general. Brushing and using floss regularly ensures you can avoid many tooth problems and several other ailments as well. So it is very important to master proper brush and floss techniques. Besides this visiting, your dentist for getting checked for any oral health issues should also not be underestimated. Catching a problem in its infancy can save you a lot of time, money and teeth as well. Finding the best dentist in Karachi and other main cities of Pakistan has been made easy by
Here are some basics for maintaining good oral health.

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Basics Of Brushing:

There are two goals a good brushing technique is focused on.

    • Keeping the point of contact between teeth and gums clean. This guarantees healthy gums and protects from gum diseases.
    • Keeping all three exposed surfaces of teeth clean to protect from the development of cavities and decay.

Some Other Considerations While Brushing That Ensure Good Oral Hygiene Include:

    • Brushing twice a day keeps the dentist away. But when doing so be patient. Keep brushing for at least 2 minutes for optimum results.
    • Fluoride toothpaste and brush of appropriate size with soft bristles should be used. Use of equipment such as electronic brush or battery powered toothbrushes is efficient and more effective in the removal of plaque. It also is helpful if you have painful conditions like arthritis which make everyday brushing difficult. As these ensure proper cleaning prevention of gum disease is also possible.
    • Good technique is essential when it comes to brushing. Hold the brushing equipment at an angle to the place where teeth and gums meet. Movements should be gentle and short. Move the brush back and forth slowly. Avoid vigorous brushing you may hurt your gums. You have to clean the inner outer and the top surface of your teeth. Top dentists in Karachi advise cleaning your tongue as well.
    • Cleanliness of your brushes is also important. Thoroughly wash your brush after usage. Keep these standing upright and air dry until you use next time. Do not keep brushes always covered this encourages the development of yeast, mold and bacteria. Avoid cross-contamination by keeping tooth brushes used by different family members separately.
    • Replace your tooth brush every three to four months. You can switch it more often if bristles are frayed and irregular.

Flossing For Improved Cleanliness:

Because teeth are closely placed it is difficult to reach between these with a brush. Daily flossing is the way to ensure thorough removal of food leftovers from in between the teeth and near the gumline.

Use an 18inches floss and wrap most of it around the middle finger of one hand and some around the middle finger of other hands. Use thumbs and forefingers to grip the floss tight.

Be gentle and guide the floss between your teeth using a to and fro motion. Do not haste and snap on your gums. When the loss reaches near gum curve it along the side of teeth and takes it out.

If you find it hard to master flossing technique you can go for interdental cleaners, water floss or pre-threaded floss devices.

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