Bubonic Plague: Why We Need Not To Worry!

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Already being in the fear of COVID19, things hit us hard even if they are not that serious. We were not even three months into coronavirus when we started hearing about a new potential pandemic named as hantavirus. People panicked, as no one was ready to face two pandemics at one time. It is good to know that those speculations were not true and it hasn’t become a concern. But the issue is, in pandemics, there is a lot of misleading information that upset people more than the actual issue. Similarly, the news of bubonic plague is now circulating and according to the rumours, it is called ‘black death’ as it has the potential to be highly contagious.

The issue with misleading information is that it spreads like fire but no one knows where it comes from and what authenticity it carries. At this time, all we need to focus is on how we can stop the spread of COVID19 and nothing more than that. Bubonic plague is not something you should be worried about and to know why you should not worry about it, keep scrolling.

What Exactly Is This Bubonic Plague?

Bubonic plague, also known as ‘black death’. It was considered as a pandemic back in the 14th century. Bubonic plague is considered as the most common form of the disease that people can catch. This name of the disease comes from the symptoms that are caused in our lymph nodes or ‘buboes’.

The bubonic plague spreads through touching the animals that are infected such as rats and mice, bites of infected fleas and also, by the droplets of an infected animal or person.

Consequently, an infected person usually starts showing the symptoms between two and six days after being infected.

It can cause:

  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Headache
  • Muscle aches
  • Tiredness
  • Also, affect the lungs, causing a cough, chest pain and difficulty breathing.

This Is The Reason Why We Do Not Need To Worry Much

According to the doctors, unlike the deadly COVID19, the treatments for the bubonic plague are very clearly available. Additionally, this disease is now very rarely seen, with only a few cases every year found in the United States and some other countries. Which clearly means There is no chance we’d ever see a pandemic like this in the 21st century.

The best thing is that we know how to prevent it. That is simply to avoid handling sick or dead animals in areas where there is the transmission. The plague is easily prevented and cured with antibiotics.

Important Points

  • The disease is seen every year in multiple countries including the U.S.
  • Experts say the disease isn’t nearly as deadly as it was, thanks to antibiotics.

A Word From Marham

While we’re in the middle of this COVID19 pandemic, all we need to focus is on how to prevent this, the rest of the things are not an issue at this point. To keep yourselves safe, stay at your homes and use telemedicine. Talk to your doctor through video call by just using your phone.

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Stay Home Stay Safe!

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