C-Sections- Are These Completely Safe or Not?

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Delivery by Cesarean section is always been a hot topic for debate among mothers, midwives, and doctors. Imperatively, the Cesarean section has rescued the lives of many women and their babies and has played a part in drastically reducing the number of deaths during or after childbirth. It is often a difficult decision for mothers and doctors at the same time.

It might seem like undergoing surgery to deliver a child wouldn’t have a lot of advantages, but it turns out there may be some benefits to having a cesarean section.

C-section safety

However, that it doesn’t mean you should schedule it unless it’s needed. If you have any pregnancy or delivery related query, drop on our web page or simply book an online appointment with the best Gynecologist in Karachi, Islamabad & other main cities of Pakistan.

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There are a few potential advantages to having a C-section as listed here:

  • Most of the times, C-sections are scheduled during the 39th week of gestational period, so doctors know within minutes of delivery if the infant/baby needs surgery for problems such as congenital heart diseases.
  • A planned cesarean section also reduces the risk of birth injuries such as shoulder dystocia, asphyxia (oxygen deprivation), and fractures.
  • Cesarean section actually prevents pelvic floor disorders (such as prolapse or incontinence).

There are some risks associated with having a C-section, especially if a woman has future pregnancies. Some of these are mentioned here:

  • Miscarriages and placenta Previa are risks associated with having a C-section.
  • In addition, women who have C-sections are also at an increased risk for placenta accreta and placental abruption.
  • There is also a rare complication called a cesarean scar pregnancy, a type of ectopic pregnancy that forms on the old cesarean delivery scar.
  • C-section can make subsequent deliveries more difficult because, it increases the risk of bladder injuries, and may follow by excessive bleeding.
    C-section side effects

There is an exaggerated perception of the safety of the cesarean section to an extent that can be seen as essentially risk-free. But it is major abdominal surgery and complications are going to happen. Luckily, the risk of most major complications is low, but complications are a reality that can have a significantly important impact, among other things that include bonding with the baby, interfering with breastfeeding and can spark postpartum depression.

A Cesarean section will always be an issue that needs to be addressed in your future pregnancies, so it’s essential that the decision to pick up a knife is a well thought out one by both the doctor and the patient as well.

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