Calorie Requirements For Girls Of Different Age Group

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It’s not just about the girls or the boys; every human being needs energy for normal functioning. This energy is derived from all the foods we eat, in the form of calories. While our body used this energy in the same form through various functions and activities. The Calorie Requirements of every individual depends on the various factors such as age, sex, height, weight, basal metabolic rate, and level of daily physical activity. Girls, in particular, are confused about what they should and shouldn’t eat because they don’t understand the nutrition. However, it really isn’t so hard but still to get the more clear idea about this you can consult with the best nutritionist.

Importance Of Consuming The Right Calories:

The calories requirements of adolescents are higher to support the pubertal growth and development. And especially girls need more calories than before when they reach puberty. It is very important for you to keep in mind because girls at this age become more conscious about their body weight and physique. And as we all know calories has always been looked upon negatively. Whenever we talk in the context of weight gain, we blame calories as the real culprit. However, it is essential for girls to consume the right amount of calories so that they can strike the energy balance.

Average Daily Dietary Intake:

The energy requirement for each individual is different from another. It is based on one’s state of energy balance and other factors affecting food consumption. Here is a list of recommended dietary allowance for energy for girls of different age groups. You can take notes from here.

  • Age 1-3: Body weight 12.9 kg, Energy (kcal)/day 1060
  • Age 4-6: Body weight 18.0 kg, Energy (kcal)/day 1350
  • Age 7-9: Body weight 25-1 kg, Energy (kcal)/day 1690
  • Age 10-12: Body weight 35.0 kg, Energy (kcal)/day 2010
  • Age 13-15: Body weight 46.6 kg, Energy (kcal)/day 2330
  • Age 16-17: Body weight 52.1 kg, Energy (kcal)/day 2440

How Can You Meet The Right Requirements?

A balanced diet consist of foods from all groups provides you the right amount of calories. You just need to understand the right amount of calories present in each food group. By understanding this, it will become easier for you to plan out a balanced diet. There are some foods that can help protect your health and you should try to focus more on these foods.

  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Whole grains
  • Fat-free and low-fat milk products
  • Protein

There are also some foods that are not good for your health if you eat too much of them. Try to reduce sodium from your diet and also avoid added sugar hiding out in your soda, cookies, candies, and sugary cereals. Your body needs a healthy mix of food, so give it the right mix and make it to the mountaintop. Other than this you can consult with the best nutritionist for more information. 

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