Can an anti-Inflammatory diet Help Transform your Life – 5 Basic Tips On What to Eat?

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If you have a condition that causes you inflammation, it is a wise thing to re-think your eating habits.
It really is true that you are what you eat. Our eating habits and our diet have a great impact on our lifestyle. If you want to eat for long-term health, lowering inflammation is crucial. Inflammation can lead to many chronic diseases including Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, heart disease, osteoarthritis. To book the best nutritionist in Lahore you can visit

It is becoming clearer that inflammation is the root cause of many serious illnesses. Inflammation on the surface of the body in form of redness, heat or swelling is important for body healing and activates the immune system to the place where there is an injury or an infection. But when there is inflammation in no such condition and serves no purpose to the body, it damages the body instead of helping it.

Exercising and lack of stress can reduce inflammation to a certain level but the dietary choices we make have the most impact. An inflammatory diet is not for weight loss and therefore is not for a limited time period. It is something to be embedded in our daily life. Selecting food and fruits based on their properties and scientific knowledge to treat inflammation.

You can consider 5 basic food choices when planning your inflammatory diet

  1. Aim for a Variety of Fruits and Vegetables

Add as many fresh fruits and vegetables as you can. Minimizing your intake of processed food is a good way to reduce inflammation level in your body. Instead, eat an abundance of fresh fruits and veggies.

  1. Whole Grains

Continuing from the last point, limit the use of processed food and go for whole grain meals. Include oatmeal, brown rice, and whole-wheat bread. These unprocessed grains are high in fiber and can help in reducing inflammation. To book the best nutritionist in Karachi you can visit

anti inflammatory food
anti-inflammatory food
  1. Adding Nuts to your Diet

Nuts are a healthy source for taking in good fats. Nuts have anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties and help in protecting you against metabolic syndrome.

  1. Take foods rich in omega-3

Omega – 3 is known to reduce inflammation and help in lowering the risk of many chronic diseases such as heart diseases and cancer. Add in a variety of nuts and seafood to your diet. Walnuts flex seeds and almonds are a good source of omega – 3.

anti inflammatory food
anti inflammatory food
  1. Take in Essential Fatty Acids

The body needs healthy fats to function properly. Try using olive oil in your meals. Using olive oil in salads as a dressing is a good way to consume healthy fats. Similarly, sunflower oil may also be used in food.

When you add up anti-inflammatory foods to your diet, you automatically remove the unhealthy foods out of your life. Fill your diet with fresh food and remove processed food substances from your diet. Finally establishing a good workout routine can do wonders for your health. To book the best nutritionist in Islamabad you can visit

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