Can Being Angry Lead You To Perform Better? Lets Find Out

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Let’s be honest, how many times we’ve wanted to yell because of things not going in our way.
Each day in the office or at the University, there are things that make us go furious, either it is a task to be covered or an assignment. For most of us, anger is a display of rage and negative feelings when a person is out of order. It comes by a damaged repute and often affects our relationships.

However, according to a research by a London Business School and behavioral experts, anger might not be that bad as it is perceived commonly. Anger is a response that organizes our thinking, our physiology, and our behavior in a manner that a person can effectively face a particular type of challenge or situation.

It is a fact that the expression of honest emotions even if they are negative can encourage creativity and improve work productivity.  Here we see how being angry can lead you to perform better:

being angry can be good - marham blog

Being Rational:

When you are focused on performing a certain task or meeting a tough deadline, your emotions hold high significance as they cloud your mind for thinking and judgments. When you are honest in your expressions, may that be anger, it keeps you rational and going. You mold yourself into the situation and act accordingly rather than reacting in any specific manner.

Boosts Confidence and Gives Strength:

Since anger is an arousal of energy and aggression, it boosts your confidence and gives you strength. It’s then upon the individual how he or she uses these emotions.

It’s never long-lasting:

Anger is a powerful emotion that can lead you to perform a set of acts in a more active manner. It never stays forever so we should use it as a boost to our activities.

being angry can be good - marham blog

As the saying goes by, anger can be good if it’s an energy that motivates you towards action to right the thing that is angering you. However, clinging onto anger for so long that it becomes toxic for you is never the right option. In case you have problems with anger management, you can consult the best psychologist in Karachi or any other city of Pakistan via

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