How to Recognize The Signs of Child Abuse

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Child abuse is more than carves and shattered bones. Apart from it, physical abuse can also leave a worse side effect on a child life and might be most visible. Other types of abuses that may be abandoned a child with deep lasting scars are child neglect or emotional abuse, that involves ignoring children’s needs, putting them in dangerous, unsupervised situations, or making a child feel worthless or stupid are also child abuse. This can become more serious & can have a devastating impact on children and families.

The earlier abused child get help, the greater chance they have to break the cycle rather than to eternalized it. But, the key question is what we can do to intercede? So, YES we can make a big difference in a child’s life.
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Sometimes the signs are overt, but often they are insidious. Statistics show that every 10 seconds a report is made concerning a child being abused. According to a report,1 in 10 kids has experienced maltreatment in some time of their lives, which can lead to long-life emotional, physical and psychological conditions. These neglected children are too young to eloquent what has happened or unable to understand right from wrong. Even some teenagers may not fathom or interpret it as an abuse if they are beaten by a parent or unable to understand that it is illegal to be sexual with adults.

When the offender is a loved one or a relative, the dynamic may cause an immense deal of psychological combats for the victim and he may hide the abuse. We can support them and help bring awareness to this preventable childhood danger.

Physical Abuse

Common signs of physical abuse are;

  • Unexplained injuries such as bruises, welts, bumps, or broken bones or burn pattern that appear on areas of the skin that are less likely to be bruised accidentally
  • Multiple wounds in different stages of healing
  • Injuries appear after weekends or absences
  • Suspicious fractures (especially to the nose or face)
  • Overall appears to be in poor health

Common Behavioral Signs of Physical Abuse

  • The child may be either withdrawn or aggressive
  • The child is jumpy or fearful
  • The child seems overly eager to please adults
  • Child seems very afraid & frightened of his parents
  • Afraid of getting in trouble


Common physical signs of a child negligence are;

  • Underweight, pale, flaky skin, bloated skin
  • Unattended health concerns or medical problems, such as skin infections or coughs
  • Poor hygiene or appearance
  • Lack of supervision or abandonment

Common Behavioral Signs of Neglect

  • Frequent hunger
  • Depression, Fatigue; falls asleep in class.
  • Begs and steals
  • The child becomes clingy
  • Hiding food for later
  • Poor school attendance
  • Says there is no one home to take care of him

Sexual Abuse

Common indicators of a sexual abuse are;

  • Pain, itching, bleeding, swelling, or bruising in the genital or anal area
  • Frequent bladder infections
  • STDs
  • Pregnancy in pre-teen girls
  • Child complains of sickness & headaches

Behavioral Indicators of Sexual Abuse

  • Sudden change in the child’s normal behavior
  • Depression or child eagerly ran away from gatherings
  • Changes in relationships to adults, such as becomes more clingy
  • Exhibits sexually provocative behavior
  • Trouble walking, sitting, running or doing normal activities
  • Genital pain
  • The child talks about friends that are unusually older
  • The child talks about having sex or being touched
  • The child is extremely avoidant of physical contact at school

Steps That Help Child Abuse

  1. Be a perfect parent. Your child needs to know he or she is loved and special from you.
  2. Help a friend, neighbor or relative if their child somehow seems abuse, parenting is hard. Help them to refocus & relieve their stress.
  3. Get involved in community efforts to avert & forestall child abuse.
  4. Monitor your child’s television, video and Internet use. Children are influenced by what they see.
  5. Children are our most valuable resources and will shape the future of our community. We all must play a role in ensuring their social and emotional well-being. We can reduce or eliminate the risk of maltreatment. Children are then able to grow up in safe, stable and nurturing environments.

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