5 Best Child Specialists in Lahore

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Child Specialists in Lahore
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Children have different needs than adults. This is why when a child is sick or requires medical attention, the child should be taken to a specialist, not just a random doctor. Only a child specialist can understand the situation better.

Here we have identified

Childhood is a very vulnerable stage, and all the parents are concerned about their child. They need a proper guidance to fulfill the medical requirements of a child from a competent doctor. It is hard to find qualified doctors that are best for your child. Choose a doctor wisely, and do not hesitate to research on it.

Further, we have stated the best child specialist in Lahore by their experience and qualification.

1. Dr. Shahid Aslam

Dr. Shahid Aslam is a very well known child specialist. He has a lot of experience in dealing with pediatric issues. His patients have a very positive response regarding his services. Due to the vast experience, the precision in his diagnoses is remarkable. You can book an online appointment with him and get a medical consultation. He also sits at Doctors Hospital, you can easily visit him there.

2. Dr. Brigadier Najmul Hasan

Dr. Brigadier Najmul Hasan has a very strong following in the medical world. People come from a long way to consult their illness with him. He is a very humble and competent child specialist. His experience speaks for his success. He sits at Akram Medical Complex. You can book an online appointment with him before visiting him at the hospital. He is one of the finest doctors of this country.

3. Dr. Ashraf Sultan

Dr. Ashraf Sultan is a very experienced child specialist. He has a long list of successful cases in his resume. His patients are very loyal to him because of his knowledge and talent. He sits at Mid City Hospital and you can book an online appointment to visit him with ease. He has mastered numerous services that he can provide to his patients.

4. Dr. Ambreen Aslam

Dr. Ambreen Aslam has an international degree with outdoor experience as well. She has a ton of experience in the field of Pediatrics. She has a high number of success rate with her patients, this is the reason that people go to her. Her patients highly recommend her, and you can also visit her for consultancy during and after pregnancy. She sits at National Hospital & Medical Centre and you can visit her there and book an online appointment before visiting her for convenience.

5. Dr. Javaria Manan

Dr. Javaria Manan is a very well know child specialist. She has a large number of satisfied patients. Due to her extensive experience, she has a strong hold on pediatrics. She sits at Fatima Memorial Hospital and you can book an online appointment with her before visiting her, so you can avoid all the hassle of waiting. You can even visit her for consultation.

You can also find best child specialist in your near area.

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