5 Common Gynecological Issues Faced by Women in Pakistan

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When it comes to their health, women in Pakistan are mostly in the habit of putting away all their concerns far longer than needed. These concerns are delayed even more if they are related to their reproductive systems and would need them to see a gynecologist for that matter. Healthcare facilities are more readily available in Pakistan compared to past. Now you can find and consult a doctor online using Marham forum. Apart from this, most of them are not even aware of the warning signs of their problems and thus fail to address their problems on time. Let us take a look at 5 of the most common problems that are faced by women in Pakistan today that requires them to visit a gynecologist for treatment.

Ovarian Cysts

Cysts are sacs that are filled with fluid which can often take up the form of tumor. The tumor, however, can be malignant or benign in nature. When it comes to cysts, there are a lot of reasons why they form in the ovaries. For example, the follicular cysts forms during the menstrual cycle when the follicle grows to a size larger than the normal and fails to open up to release the egg. Most of the cysts, like follicular cysts, do resolve over time but owing to their symptoms, they require an assessment and a visit to the gynecologist who then prescribes a treatment according to the extent of the condition.

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Irregular Periods

From teenage girls to those who are married, irregularity in periods is very common. It could be due to stress, various environmental factors, change in diet or medications. All of these factors can cause an irregularity for a month or two but nothing that is something to be worried about, mostly. However, hormonal imbalance is one factor which would require a proper medical assessment and a follow through with the gynecologist. It is common for girls and women alike and needs hormonal medications most of the time to reverse the effects.

Cervical Cancer

It is the second most common cancer amongst the women of Pakistan after the breast cancer as per the Society of Obstetrics & Gynecology, Pakistan (SOGP). Although women often fail to get it checked on time and hence face complications. One can just not stress enough the importance of a regular checkup with the gynecologists which is needed to ensure that all the girls and women of our country are safe from this silent killer. The vaccines for this disease need to be administered to all the growing girls to prevent increase their chances for cervical cancer.

Polycystic Ovarian Disease

Acne, excessive hair loss or growth ( hirsutism), irregular periods, mood swings and depression along with weight gain problems are some of the symptoms of PCOD. Although the real cause of the polycystic ovarian disease is still not known doctors often consider genetics to be a leading factor in this case. The disease which affects the women who have reached reproductive age is becoming alarmingly common nowadays as has been observed by the Society of Obstetrics & Gynecology, Pakistan (SOGP).


Be it vaginal infections that affect the women in the postpartum period, uterine infections or the infections that affect their reproductive tracts, gynecologists frequently come across a lot of cases of women complaining of one of these. It is either because of poor hygiene conditions or the inability to carry through the whole course of the prescribed medication. Women often associate all the infections that they have to the use of contraceptives which is what causes the infections to spread even more in their systems by the time they finally visit a gynecologist.

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