Common Health Problems During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is a natural process and for many women, it’s a bittersweet experience. If you have a low risk pregnancy and you have no complications then you can do pretty much everything that you use to do beforehand.

One can’t deny the changes that pregnancy brings in a woman’s body. It is not easy to carry a little human in your womb for nine months. In this article we will throw light on a few health problems that a pregnant woman has to face in that journey.

Gum bleeding

One day you will wake up to find out that whenever you brush, your gums bleed. You might experience swelling and pain in your palate and gums. It happens due to the hormonal changes in the body.

Hot flushes

In winters you will not find the need to wear a sweater if you are pregnant. Some women experience excessive sweating and hot flushes during their pregnancy. Their hands and feet feel hot to others, the woman often feels as if she is suffering from heat stroke. It mostly happens because of the increasing supply of blood to your skin.

Loss of Bladder control

It can happen to a lot of women. During pregnancy women’s pelvic muscles starts to relax making a woman suffer from Urinary incontinence. There are some pelvic exercises that can be done during pregnancy. Ask your gynecologist to guide you.


One of the common problems during pregnancy is Constipation; mostly it is because of hormonal changes other than that usually iron supplements can cause it too. Pregnant ladies should increase their intake of fluid; drink water, milk shakes, juices etc.


Pregnant women feel excessively tired and exhausted. Well! It is quite understandable as now their body has to work for two of you. Some women experience extreme tiredness in the last trimester; however, others can feel extreme tiredness as early as 12 weeks.

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Pregnant woman suffers mild to a severe headache in their journey of being a mother. Headache is usually due to changes in the hormonal level. Keep yourself hydrated, rest and take a proper sleep to minimize its discomfort.

The above-mentioned conditions are common but to be on a safe side it is always better to consult a gynecologist on Marham. Talk to your doctor if you feel any discomfort as every person’s experience is different.

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