Congo Virus, A Little Care Can Protect You From A Big Loss.

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Congo virus is not just a disease, in simple words, it is “angel of death”. From past few years in Pakistan, this disease is emerging its roots continuously. Circle of this virus continues from animals to human. The Major danger occurs in days of Eid-ul- Azha. During these days selling and buying of animals is at the peak. People show carelessness during this process and unfortunately buy infected animals.
Now there are so many questions about Congo virus. How animals get affected by this virus and how human get affected afterward? To solve the mystery here is some useful information everyone must know before consuming any type of meat.

How Congo Virus transmits?

It not only found in wild but domestic animals including goat, cows, and sheep as well. As we all know that these animals live in an unhygienic place where they can get caught with numerous viruses and bacteria easily. Congo Virus thus transmit in animals through virus or bacteria in form of small lice. These lice can make the animal lazy and infected with fever. This is the reason that first symptom of this virus in human is a fever. When human consume or get in contact with infected animal it will directly get caught to this virus. It transmits in human through animal blood mostly.


When humans get infected with this virus symptoms starts appearing within a few days. In the first week, only unusual flu occurs. The Amazing fact about this virus symptom is they resemble with that of Malaria or Dengue. 75% of patients suffering from hemorrhagic fever. Other than this aggression, mood swings, fatigue, joint pain, nosebleed, and vomiting is a major symptom.
Early precautions are very important in this fatal virus. These precautions include

    • Stay covered when you are visiting a place where there is a lot of animals.
    • If you have any animal in home try to keep it hygienic condition. Check them more often.
    • While cooking meat makes sure that it is cooked in well-done form. Do not consume rare cooked meat.
    • Try to keep away all insects, lice and other germs from home.
    • Try not to consume meat from a slaughterhouse or other readymade brands.

To keep yourself in save side start these precautions right away. It is not only about any occasion because meat is in daily consumption. It is totally wrong that only Eid’s animals are fatal and suffered from Congo virus. Any animal even birds can be the host of this virus.

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